Sexy underwear gathers is big or small

Sexy underwear gathers is big or small

As a special clothing, sexy underwear can show women’s body beauty and sexy charm.When choosing a sexy underwear, it is very important to gather a big problem.Below, let’s discuss this topic together.

1. The role of gathering underwear

The gathering underwear in the sexy underwear is mainly through thickening, pads or narrowing cup intervals, and concentrate the chest and squeeze the middle to the middle, so as to achieve the effect of gathering.The purpose of gathering underwear is to highlight the curve of the chest and show the sexy charm of women.

Second, the gathering is big or small?

When choosing to gather underwear, the most common thing is to choose to get together or small.For women with smaller breasts, choosing a large underwear to gather the chest can increase the feeling of the chest and make the figure fuller.For women with large chests, you can choose to gather underwear to gather the chest to make it look more compact.

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3. How to choose the right size

When choosing to gather underwear, the appropriate size is very critical.Inappropriate sizes will cause underwear to be too tight or loose, neither comfortable nor beautiful.Therefore, when buying, you must carefully measure your size and choose the appropriate underwear size according to the brand’s size guide.

Fourth, precautions for narrowing interval

For some methods that gathers underwear to narrow the cup interval to achieve the gathering effect.When choosing this underwear, be sure to pay attention to whether the distance between the cups is appropriate, and the too close interval may cause discomfort and the mathematical ditch too deep.

5. How to match clothing

It is also very important to match the clothing gathering underwear.For underwear that gathers large, you can choose low -cut or tight clothes to create a more sexy effect.For underwear with small breasts, some high -necked or loose clothes can better show the collection effect of underwear.

6. Avoid excessive pursuit effect

When choosing to gather underwear, pay attention to avoid excessive pursuit.Choosing underwear with too tight or too much reduction of the cup can affect the breathing and health of the chest, so pay attention to the health of the underwear while pursuing beauty.

7. Pay attention to materials and brands


It is also the key to choosing the right material and brand.High -quality underwear fabrics can better stick to the chest, while good brands can ensure the comfort and quality of underwear.

8. Daily maintenance of gathered underwear

In addition to choosing the right underwear, in daily maintenance, you should also pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the underwear.Underwear should not be washed hard or washed with too hot water.At the same time, underwear should also avoid sun exposure and contact with high temperature items.

In summary, the key to choosing to gather underwear is your body and needs. At the same time, you must also pay attention to the size of the size, narrowing interval, matching clothing, and maintenance.While pursuing beauty, you should also pay attention to the health of the underwear.