Sexy underwear in the small hotel drawer

Sexy underwear in the small hotel drawer

[F upper underwear in a small hotel drawer]

Entering a small hotel, I opened one of the drawers and found that there were all kinds of sexy underwear.This phenomenon may not appear in some high -end hotels, but it is often visible in some small hotels.So, who bought these sexy underwear?Why use in a small hotel?Today, let’s discuss together.

[The reason why small hotel operators choose sexy underwear]

There are several reasons for small hotel operators to choose sexy underwear.First of all, sexy underwear can bring unusual experience to passengers, and increase the fun and satisfaction of accommodation.Secondly, for some couples or couples, the purpose of staying in a small hotel is not only to rest, but also enjoying a passionate journey.In this case, the use of sexy underwear can undoubtedly increase its satisfaction.Finally, the price of sexy underwear and sex products is usually relatively close to the people, which can meet the cost of saving costs in the needs of customers to meet the needs of customers.

[Is sexy underwear provided by a small hotel?.

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Some passengers may be curious whether the sexy underwear provided by small hotels can ensure cleaning and hygiene.In fact, most small hotels do not provide sexy underwear, but are carried by passengers or purchased them by themselves.Therefore, whether the use or not depends mainly on the personal needs and decisions of passengers, small hotels do not provide cleaning services.

[How to ensure the cleanliness of sexy underwear?.

If you use sexy underwear in a small hotel, you must pay attention to keeping clean and hygienic.First, wash your hands with hand sanitizer or disinfectant.Secondly, it is best to clean the sexy underwear or disinfected water before use.Finally, cleaning must be carried out after use to avoid bacterial breeding.When selecting sexual toys and other supplies, we must choose products produced by regular manufacturers to avoid hidden dangers to bring inferior products.

[What are the types of sexy underwear?.

There are many types of sexy underwear, which can be divided into a variety of types such as suspenders, vests, underwear, waist, leather.Among them, the more popular are G-String, stockings, hollow, mesh and so on.Different types of sexy underwear are suitable for different occasions and situations, and passengers can choose according to their needs and taste.

[How to choose the right sexy underwear?.

When choosing sexy underwear, consider many aspects such as your skin tone, body and body proportion.First of all, you should choose a sexy underwear suitable for your skin tone to highlight your beauty.Secondly, the size of the underwear must be appropriate, too large or too small will affect the experience.Finally, you should choose different styles of sexy underwear according to the occasion and personal preferences.

[Gorgeous satisfaction]

Using erotic underwear can bring unique feelings and experiences to passengers, increase the taste between partners and the fun when getting along, and add a touch of romantic color to the journey.However, there are certain risks to use sexy underwear, such as cleaning problems and personal preferences.Therefore, before use, you must do a good job of preparing for the safety and hygiene of yourself and your partner.

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The sexy underwear in small hotels has also become a special existence, which can meet the various needs and expectations of passengers in the accommodation process.At the same time, you need to pay attention to cleaning and hygiene to use sexy underwear, and don’t just ignore health and safety.For the needs of sexy underwear and sex products, you must choose to buy regular merchants, and do cleaning work after use to try to avoid sanitary problems.