Sexy underwear maid small

Sexy underwear maid small

Introduce the maid’s little sexy underwear

The maid’s little sexy underwear is a style that adds service elements to sex underwear design.It is more suitable for petite women to wear, can highlight the proportion of figure, and also have the sweet and sweet charm.The design style of the maid’s small sexy underwear is often fresh and cute, and the color is mainly black and white and red.

Suitable for body type

The maid’s little sexy underwear is suitable for petite women, with a height of 1.5 meters to 1.7 meters.This type of underwear focuses on highlighting the chest and hip curves, and at the same time, it can also make women who are not tall look more energetic and cute.It is not recommended for women with tall figures.

design style

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The design style of the maid’s small sexy underwear is relatively fresh and cute, and the color is mainly black, white, red and red.Common design elements include lace edge, bow, lace lace, decorative sequins, etc.The overall style is sweeter than adult sexy underwear, suitable for women who like sweet style.

Fabric selection

The fabrics commonly used in the small sexy underwear are lace, yarn, sequins, etc.These fabrics make the underwear feel more comfortable, and the silky and soft texture provides good protection for the skin.In addition, fabrics should also consider factors such as anti -allergies and breathability.

Style selection

The style of the maid’s little sexy underwear should be selected according to personal figure and needs.Breast enhancement and concentrated models can make the chest more upright, and the addition of lace lace can also make the overall visual effect more agile.At the same time, the camisole and back -back design are also a good choice, which can better highlight the skin and curves.

Matching accessories

The matching accessories of the maid’s little sexy underwear should be simple and not disturbing the picture decoration. You can choose some simple necklaces, earrings, etc. to match.In addition, you can also choose some gloves and lace stockings to supplement to enhance the overall visual effect.

Wearing occasion

The maid’s small sexy underwear is generally dominated by sex fashion party, sexy performances and other occasions.In addition, you can also wear special special occasions such as Valentine’s Day and birthdays, marriage commemorative.


Small knowledge

The maid’s little sexy underwear needs to pay attention to some common sense when using and maintenance.First, you should avoid using electrical equipment such as washing machines.Secondly, use a special underwear washing solution to clean it, and dry it in time after washing.In addition, it is necessary to avoid sun exposure and smoke, prevent damage to underwear fabrics, affect wearing effects and service life.


The purchase suggestion of the maid’s small sex underwear should be based on its own needs and budget.You can choose from a professional sexy underwear store or online store. At the same time, you can also pay attention to the official channels of some brand vendors to find some powerful brands to ensure the quality and use of underwear.


The maid’s little sexy underwear is suitable for petite women, and its sweet and cute design can highlight the charm of women.Wearing occasions are also rich, more suitable for sexual PARTY, sexy performances and other occasions.Some basic little common sense should be followed during use and maintenance, so as not to affect the service life.When purchasing, you should choose according to your own needs and actual situation, focusing on the guarantee of quality and effect.