Sexy underwear map is unobstructed

Sexy underwear map is unobstructed

Interest underwear is an indispensable part of modern women.Not only can it enhance women’s self -confidence, it also plays an important role in emotion.However, the design of some sexy underwear violates moral ethics to a certain extent and should not be worn in public.In this article, I will introduce some types of sexy underwear and explain which are suitable for wearing in public.

1. Ordinary sexy sheets

Ordinary sexy underwear is usually simple and clear in design, without too much design fineness and playful personality.Compared with more obscene and teasing sexy underwear, ordinary sexy underwear is suitable for wearing in public.Women can choose ordinary sexy underwear for knitted materials or lace comfortable materials, making people feel sexy rather than explicit.

2. Bringing strains sexy underwear

Belt and sexy underwear is more bold in design.It usually uses some special designs to expose women’s bodies, such as straps across the chest, sequins that are staggered behind.This sexy underwear is usually not suitable for wearing in public because they are too exposed.

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3. lace sexy underwear

Lace erotic underwear is a very common sexy underwear.Because the uniqueness of lace materials can reflect the elegance and mystery of women.This sexy underwear is usually suitable for wearing at night, and more conservative styles should be selected when wearing during the day.

4. Mading sexy underwear

This sexy underwear is suitable for private occasions.Because it is too exposed, it is not suitable for wearing in public.This kind of sexy underwear usually uses sexy elements such as sequins and suspenders to create a teasing feeling.

5. Girl costume

The maid’s clothing is a more popular one in the sexy underwear. Because it is more reasonable in design, it combines some cute elements, so it is suitable for wearing in some fresh relaxation occasions.Maid costumes usually include black binding, suspenders and apron.

6. Student outfit

Student clothes are a more popular sexy underwear, which is more suitable for those who are innocent and simple in design.Students’ clothing usually uses the knitted material of the cubs as the main material. It pays more attention to fashion and vividness, and is suitable for wearing in some student dances and social parties.

7. stockings


In sexy underwear, stockings are essential.Women are wearing and creating different matching effects. Stockings are one of the important elements to create a sense of fashion, so it is worth your attention.Unlike other sexy underwear, stockings pay more attention to comfort and are suitable for wearing in public.

8. Breast -like sexy underwear

Breast -wrapped sexy underwear is a kind of sexy underwear that is suitable for women to party and wine club.This kind of sexy underwear is usually a bra -style. Skirts and accessories made of lace, satin and other materials can set off women’s beauty, sexy and elegant.

9. Cotton underwear set

Some people think that cotton underwear suits are not sexy underwear, but how much cotton underwear suits are also equipped with some sexy underwear design elements, which are suitable for wearing in more casual and life -oriented occasions.Cotton underwear suits are usually more comfortable, which can maintain cuteness and playfulness without appearing too much.

10. Color underwear suit

Color underwear suits usually include sexy underwear of various colors, such as light pink, rose red, light blue, etc.These colors can stimulate women’s taste and passion, and can be worn on some more casual occasions.

In general, there are a variety of sexy underwear designs, suitable for wearing in various occasions, but pay attention to the principles of wearing in public, and try not to make people feel uncomfortable.Wearing sexy underwear in the right situation can increase women’s confidence and make them feel more sexy.