Sexy underwear open crotch picture

Sexy underwear open crotch picture

What is a sexy underwear open crotch?

Fun underwear open crotch type is a unique sexy lingerie style. Unlike traditional underwear, it has a small mouth in the crotch position.This small mouth can be a zipper, buttons, lace or buttons, etc., which makes women more convenient when they are in, and also add a special sexy atmosphere.

Types of open crotch sexy underwear

Depending on the design, the fun underwear open crotch type can be divided into multiple types.

Body -shaping open crotch underwear: Generally, women who like to wear loose clothes will choose this type because it can achieve the effect of body shaping.

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Mini open crotch underwear: This type of open crotch underwear is bright in color, novel in design, and sexy. It is generally suitable for nightclubs and sexy factions. With mini skirts or denim shorts, women are more attractive.

Lace open crotch underwear: Made of lace fabrics, mostly black, white, red, giving people a visually ultimate enjoyment, black and red especially suitable for sexy women.

Advantages of open crotch sex lingerie

Compared with traditional underwear, sexy underwear open crotch has the following advantages:

Sexy teasing: The easy -to -mobility of the open crotch design can make couples add more interest to the bed, and at the same time, it can also enhance the tacit understanding between couples.

Convenient hygiene: After wearing an open crotch underwear, women do not need to take off their underwear when going to the toilet to complete the toilet process for convenience.

Increasing self -confidence: Sexy sexy underwear open crotch type makes women feel more attractive after putting on, which can enhance self -confidence.

What you need to pay attention to when you wear

Pay attention to the following points when wearing a sexy underwear:

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The size is appropriate: the part of the open crotch is relatively high from the body. If the size is not suitable, it is easy to cause discomfort, and you need to choose carefully.

Don’t be too tight: After wearing an open crotch underwear, don’t be too tight. It is best to choose a loose coat to avoid unnecessary discomfort.

Keep cleaning: In the process of wearing underwear, you need to keep dry and clean, so as to extend the use time of the underwear, but you need to note that do not use bleach.

Applicable occasions of open crotch sex lingerie

Applicable to the following occasions:

Sexual parties: It is suitable for wearing sexy parties, fun -themed parties, and private parties.

Valentine’s Day: On Valentine’s Day, a special day, sexy underwear open crotch type can convey a kind of passion and temperature.

Fasting on the bed: When flirting on the bed, proper teasing and sexy lingerie open crotch -style matching will add more interaction and fun to sex.

Purchase suggestion for opening crotch sex lingerie

When buying a sexy underwear open crotch, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Materials comfort: Considering the comfort of wearing, it is recommended to choose fabrics with soft texture and high comfort.

The size is appropriate: the size of the size is also one of the key factors. You need to measure your size to avoid the inappropriate size of the purchase, affect comfort and wear effect.

Brand selection: It is recommended to choose some sexy underwear produced by well -known brands. The quality is more guaranteed, and it will also be more in line with the market trend.

Who is suitable for wearing open crotch sexy underwear?

Suitable for the following people to wear:

Want to add interest: seek unpleasant couples.

Self -confident women: Sexy open crotch erotic underwear requires certain confidence and courage to control, especially black and red.

Women who do not exclude exposure: Because the open crotch part is relatively high, the sexy feeling is virtually added, so women who do not exclude exposure can drive the open crotch sexy underwear.

What can open crotch sex lingerie be matched?

The following is a suggestion of the matching of open crotch sexy underwear:

Perspective lace jacket: Perspective lace jackets with open crotch sex underwear will make you more sexy and charming, because the perspective design can show your figure and strengthen sexy color.

Ultra -short skirt: ultra -mini skirt and open crotch erotic underwear are a pair of gold matching, which can better reflect the sexy atmosphere of women.

Skin skirts: Sexy and tight -fitting skirts can not only show women’s figure, but also complement the open crotch sexy underwear.

in conclusion

Fun underwear open crotch type is undoubtedly a necessary element of modern sexy culture. It can bring people’s unusual sensory experience and sexual experience. A personalized way of dressing gives people a lot of vitality and interest.Therefore, having an open crotch and sexy underwear also means having a more casual lifestyle.As long as it is maintained, and at the same time, pay attention to the matching and occasions, the open crotch sex lingerie is also a more fashionable, sexy and attractive way of dressing.