Sexy underwear open stock stockings map

Sexy underwear open stock stockings map

What is sexy underwear opening stockings?

Fun underwear opening stockings are sexy, teasing underwear. It consists of one -piece stockings and an open bottom. It is usually equipped with design elements such as lace, bellyband, suspender, for sex fashion and sex games.Its design aims to balance between desire and comfort, making women feel free and comfortable, and at the same time cause imagination and stimulate male audiences.In the sexy underwear market, opening stockings are one of the most popular products.

Style of opening stockings

There are many styles of opening stockings, including one -shaped opening, T -shaped opening, and heart -shaped opening.Among them, the one -type opening is the simplest, suitable for beginners and people who pursue simple style.T -shaped and heart -shaped opening requires more courage and experience, but it can bring stronger sexy effects.

The color of the opening stockings

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There are also many choices for opening stockings. The most common is black, red and pink.Black is a traditional erotic color that is suitable for creating a mysterious and mature sexy style.Red symbolizes passion and impulse, which can attract men’s attention.Pink is more gentle and cute, suitable for more introverted women.In addition, there are other colors such as white, purple, and blue.

The combination of opening stockings and sexy underwear

The combination of opening stockings and sexy underwear can create a variety of different sexy styles.If you want to be sexy and hot, you can choose to match with high -quality lace sexy underwear, which can make your figure more advantageous, more prominent, and the texture of lace can give people a sense of high -level; if you want to keepSimple style, you can match the classic black or white underwear, making opening stall stockings the highlight of your entire shape.

How to wear stall stockings

You need to pay attention to some skills when wearing open stall stockings to ensure comfortable and sexy.First of all, choosing the right size, too tight can cause discomfort, too pine can lead to decline.Secondly, pay attention to the order of dressing, slowly roll the stockings from the legs until the inner part is put on and fix it on the waist.Finally, open the crotch of the stockings and arrange or adjust the position of the stockings according to personal preference.

Maintenance method of opening stockings

Pay attention to the following points for maintenance opening stockings.First of all, we must be gentle when wearing and removed socks to prevent the socks from being hooked.Secondly, to avoid using overheated water and powerful detergent to clean the socks, it is best to wash the bags with cold water hands or use special socks in the washing machine.Finally, avoid exposure and ironing when cleaning and drying to ensure the quality and life of socks.

Suitable people who open stall stockings

Although opening stall stockings is a sexy sexy underwear, not everyone is suitable for wearing.Women who like to try new things and explore their physical feelings and change of appearance are suitable for women.In addition, opening stockings require a certain courage and self -confidence, because wearing it will attract the surrounding eyes, which may be difficult to accept for shy people.

Sexy Costumes

Fashion match for opening stockings

Opening stockings can not only be used for sex games, but also play a unique role in fashion styling.For example, it can be paired with popular mini skirts or hot pants to expose long and light legs to increase sexy charm; it can also be paired with high heels or boots to create an elegant and confident temperament.At the same time, you can also choose a soft long jacket to make the whole shape more beautiful.

The price and brand of opening stockings

The price and brand of opening stockings vary from quality and design.In the sexy underwear market, the price of ordinary stall stockings is about 30-100 yuan; the price of top-level brands may exceed 500 yuan.Some mainstream brands, such as Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur, La Perla, etc., also launched sexy lingerie series such as opening stockings, with higher quality and design level.

my point of view

Opening stockings is a very popular product in the sexy underwear market. Many women and men like to wear it to increase sexy charm and stimulus.Although wearing stall stockings requires some courage and confidence, it is also a way to show women’s charm and self -expression, which can make women more confident and free.Try the opening stockings to make yourself more attractive!