Sexy underwear passion set super scratching pajamas

Sexy underwear passion set super scratching pajamas

Sexy underwear passion set super scratching pajamas

1 Introduction

To maintain the freshness and passion of sex, the matching of sex underwear is indispensable.Among them, the sexy underwear passion set is super -scratching pajamas is considered the most sexy underwear equipment by couples.Next, I will introduce the style, characteristics and matching skills of this underwear in detail.

2. Style and characteristics

Fun underwear passion set is a super -scratching pajamas, which is a sexy and charm of underwear.Its style and characteristics are as follows:

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Paser -type pajamas, lace lace on both sides of the chest makes this pajamas more sexy;

Low -cut design, revealing the clavicle lines of deep V and sexy front chest areas;

The hem is beautifully designed, and the large stagnation is used, and women will look beautiful and elegant when wearing it;

The tall chest pad can quickly increase the plumpness of the chest. When sleeping naked, women’s body will be more sexy;

The use of high elastic lace is more breathable, comfortable to wear, and has a good texture.

3. How to match

The matching skills of sexy underwear passion set super scratching pajamas are as follows:

With high heels, especially fine heels, it can effectively reduce the hardness of the waist lines.

Apply with dark red lipstick, or right red lipstick, which looks very sexual.

Head Wear

Pret the chest to make the chest more upright, natural and beautiful.

With more publicity accessories, it can better highlight the taste and temperament.

4. Suitable occasions

Fun underwear passion set super scratching pajamas suitable for the following occasions:

Live a sweet night at home;

Take a private room photo and wedding photos in the boudoir;

Use in a sex party.

5. Male choice

Interest underwear is not only suitable for women, but also for men to choose from.Men can choose this pajamas as a special gift, or try to wear it in a sex party to increase their charm.

6. Note

The following matters should be paid attention to both men and women:

Choose a size suitable for your body shape, don’t squeeze the body too;

Do not use it carefully, to show your charm directly by taking photos;

When using and cleaning, pay attention to its quality assurance to avoid the problems of fiber balls, line heads fall off, and mild deformation.

7. Maintenance

Correct maintenance can increase the life of this sexy underwear passion set. The maintenance method is basically as follows:

Try to use water or dry cleaning to avoid excessive exposure.

Treat the details carefully, change the red buttons and other small hardware decorations on a regular basis to make the sexy lingerie more beautiful.

8. Cleaning method

Is there a way to clean the sexy underwear passion set?The following points can help you clean it:

It is recommended to use hand washing or machine washing, it is best to use cold water to better protect lace.Of course, you can also choose a professional cleaning shop to clean.

In addition to all or partial artificial methods for cleaning, the most important thing is to follow the requirements of the washing signs attached.

9. Function and beauty both

Interesting underwear passion set super scratching pajamas is not only a sexy and beautiful function, but also has the functions of nursing and regulating body organs.While using the protection function, women’s beauty and confidence will follow.

10. Viewpoint

If you want to increase the passion and intimacy of your husband and wife, the sexy lingerie passion set is an indispensable underwear match.Of course, don’t forget to choose a size and correct maintenance method that suits you.