Sexy underwear restraint tuning novel H

Sexy underwear restraint tuning novel H

Sexy underwear restraint tuning novel H

Sexy underwear is a sexy clothing that can add fun to people in sex.Among them, sexy underwear of the restraint series is particularly popular among some people.These underwear can adjust their partners by restricting the body’s movements and deepen the relationship between the two parties.Below, let’s take a look at the novel H about the restraint of sexy underwear.

Chapter 1: Encounter sexy lingerie

When "she" first saw those exquisite sexy underwear in the store, it was deeply moved by their strong attraction.In the sexy underwear shop, she found a white waist and a bunch of sexy underwear. This underwear is not only beautiful and elegant, but also feels very comfortable. After buying it, she can’t help but try to put it on.

Chapter 2: The first time is restrained

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When she put on this white sex underwear, the first time she was restrained was very wonderful. The collar on the neck and the handcuffs on the wrist made her feel that her body was restrained, but this restraint gave her a strange pleasure.When her sexual partner saw her, she couldn’t help touching her body, and felt that every subtle of her body revealed the obscure atmosphere.As a result, such sexy underwear must be worn every day to become part of their sexual life.

Chapter III: The Start of In -depth Tuning

Over time, they began to explore more in -depth tuning. At this time, the delicate sexy lingerie came in handy.From the initial passive constraint, she gradually became active, learned to cooperate with the initiative, and began to enjoy the thrill of corporal punishment.She became more and more excited and willing to bear in -depth training, and sex underwear has become a must -have for them to create such excitement and joy.

Chapter 4: Ambiguous Increasing Inspection Underwear

Under the bondage of sexy underwear, their sex is getting more and more ambiguous, making them easier to enter the state, and also make their physical stimulation higher.Exquisite sexy underwear, handcuffs, ropes, etc. have become candy between them, just like two children sharing their toys to find the pleasure of enjoyment together, while constantly challenging each other to improve each other’s happiness.

Chapter 5: The irritation of sexy underwear on the body

Using sexy underwear restraint can not only improve interest, but also stimulate the body.After the body is restrained, the pain is stimulated to the brain, and it will guide the body to naturally secrete natural anesthetic drugs, thereby reducing the painfulness of the pain and increasing their physical feelings.At the same time, high -frequency and low -frequency vibrations (electric erotic lingerie) make them more sensitive, and at the same time increase concentration to make the pleasure stronger.

Chapter VI: Incredating of sexy underwear

The habits of sex underwear have become part of their bodies, just like the perfumes and lipsticks cannot be separated in life. They cannot be separated from sex underwear in their lives.At the same time, it also opened the exploration of the body and the exploration of sexy underwear. If you want to make yourself experience a stronger sexual pleasure, sexy underwear is irreplaceable.

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Chapter 7: The relationship between sexy underwear and psychology

In tuning, sexy underwear actually plays an inherent role.Different colors, shapes, and materials will guide their inner emotional experience. For example, red will ignite enthusiasm, white will be soft and gentle.Therefore, when the erotic underwear is used, avoid a single stimulus, and also have psychological care in order to truly achieve the effect they want.

Chapter 8: Tips to get along with sex underwear

Interest underwear needs to be maintained and managed in batches. It is key to replace and ensure cleaning and hygiene.When buying, it is necessary to ensure that the material of the sexy underwear is healthy, breathable, and comfort is also important.When using sexy underwear, you need to follow up your hobbies, choose the right sexy underwear with the established steps, and use all its functions as much as possible.

Chapter 9: Simple and Easy to Yourself

In addition to buying sexy underwear, we can also try to make it ourselves.Pay attention to the selection of materials, the standard of toughness, and so on.This will not only improve your handmade ability, but also make me "he" feel your intentions and love.

Chapter 10: Conclusion

Sex underwear binding tuning novel H provides us with a sexual way of sex with sex underwear, more human sex experience and catalyzing emotional improvement.In the process of using sex underwear, we should respect each other’s wishes, and make corresponding adjustments according to the needs of each other, and slowly feel the fun and charm of them.