Sexy underwear rope novels

Sexy underwear rope novels

Sexy underwear rope novels

1 Introduction

Interest underwear has always been an indispensable part of sex, while rope art is often intertwined with SM.So, what kind of sparks will there be when sexy underwear encounters rope art?This article will bring you a wonderful story of sexy lingerie rope art novels.

2. The official Hongyan is tied up

At the silent midnight, Liang Yalan, director of the Personnel Department, was tied to Wisconsin.This rope hovers around her body freely, forcing her to breathe deeply.Liang Yalan’s upper body was even more beautiful by a set of black sexy lingerie. Her hands could not move, and she could only wait for exciting surprises.

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3. Late night bell

Huang Yi is a book shopman who chose a single life. In addition to reading, his only hobby is to kidnap women.Not long ago, he escaped in a prison delivery, but was tied up by a ancient and strange girl.The girl’s independence and the desire for SM made Huang Yi can’t help but feel excited.So he and the girl spent a hot night in the middle of the night.

4. White Angel becomes a girl demon

Wang Yuanyuan is an excellent nursing. She is busy in all corners of the hospital every day.Her ordinary day was suddenly destroyed by a mysterious man.This mysterious man took her through the death corner of the world and turned her into a wild girl.Wang Yuanyuan was wearing a black sexy underwear. In the game of the rope, she felt the urge to have never had it.

5. Tang Anqi

On a quiet and peaceful Saturday night, Tang Anqi drove to his studio.She didn’t want to meet a mysterious man halfway, and she was dragged into the extremely dangerous rope world.In this world, Tang Anqi became a doll that could be tied to play.The mysterious man wore a white color and sexy underwear, which brought more temptation to his body.

6. Nan Feiyan

Nan Feiyan has been an orphan since she was a child, and she was very obsessed with human pain.On Friday night, she met a girl named Yuanyuan.Round deformation learning and rope skills make Nanfei Yan proud.They started to play together, and gradually, Yuanyuan became the master of Nan Feiyan.When she was dressed in sexy underwear, her temptation was even more unstoppable.

7. Peng Zuo Nan’s magic show

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Peng Zuonan is a mysterious magician, and he hopes to bring his magical skills to more people.On this day, he and the audience created a unique SM scene, which caused warm applause from the audience.Among the integration of magic and sexy underwear, he showed his highest level.

8. Crime obsession of taxi drivers

Taxi drivers are often under various pressures in the process of pulling passengers.And once he meets a beautiful woman who is easily bullied, he will become particularly excited.His sin obsession pushed him to tie the woman into the car and give him more extreme performance.Under the temptation of sexy underwear, the driver’s obsession becomes more enthusiastic.

9. The hobby of ordinary people

Most sexy underwear enthusiasts do not choose an extreme way like the above characters to experience this sexual way.They usually choose a more common way to use tools in the gray area to create their own rope art.When choosing sexy underwear, they will also choose to suitable for their own styles and styles.

10. End

The combination of sexy underwear and rope art brings more possibilities to sex.By tie rope, sexy underwear can create a variety of effects around the body, making people more excited.However, it should be noted that when this kind of sexual way, it is necessary to ensure the safety and voluntaryness of each other.After all, sex should be a comfortable and relaxed experience, not the process of pain and suffering.