Sexy underwear school flowers rude

Sexy underwear school flowers rude

Selection of sexy underwear school flowers

On campus, some girls choose to wear sexy underwear to increase their charm.However, it is not easy to choose the right sexy underwear.Especially for school flowers, it is more decent to increase charm and avoid rough scenes.

Style combination must be confident

Choosing the right style is the primary task of school flowers wearing sexy underwear.When selecting styles, we must focus on comprehensive factors such as their shape, height, complexion, and hairstyle, choose the right color and size, and maintain a confident mentality.Roughly weakening will weaken the charm of school flowers.

Suitable texture and material

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Different textures and materials affect the wear experience and effects.School flowers should weigh the comfort and softness of the materials, and also need to pay attention to the impact of materials on the body.For example, some people are allergic to certain materials and should avoid such materials.

Short or bikini selection

For school flowers with good figures, short or bikini -type sexy underwear may be more suitable.This can highlight the advantages of the body and increase charm.However, if the body is not so good, avoid this style and avoid bad results.

The choice of pink and red system

Because school flowers are generally known for their pure and cute.So the color of the pink and red sexy underwear helps to increase your charm.But don’t choose too gorgeous colors to avoid being too public.

Choice of corset size

The choice of corset size is very critical.If the size is inappropriate, the corset will be too tight or loose to the chest, and the landscaping effect cannot be played.Therefore, when buying a corset, you must pay attention to the appropriate size.

The choice of long sexy underwear

Long sexy underwear is suitable for relatively ordinary school flowers, which can increase the vertical height of the body.When choosing, you can consider the materials such as lace satin and the design of the knee, so that it will look better with high heels.


Lace satin style choice

Lace satin -style sexy underwear can make school flowers look more sexy and full of style.Therefore, lace satin style is a must -have for school flowers.

Small processing sexy underwear

Some small processing erotic underwear can maintain sexy and have a certain fresh and cute temperament.For example, the design of lapels, belts, and details can match appropriate accessories to achieve perfect results.


Because everyone’s body is different, all suggestions are just reference. The most important thing is to maintain their confidence and confidence.When choosing styles and styles, pay attention to personal characteristics. Only by doing this can we wear the most beautiful effects.