Sexy underwear sexy thong pajamas

Sexy underwear sexy thong pajamas


The sexy underwear is designed to enhance the erotic underwear. It is usually a sexy and unique design, which is loved by couples.Among them, sexy thong pajamas are a very popular sexy underwear nowadays. Next, let’s discuss its design and dressing.

Design Features

Sexy thong pajamas design is simple and bold, with charm and temptation.The back of the back shows a shape, and the wearing of shoulder straps or back hanging can perfectly show the body curve of women, which is bright.Some thong pajamas are also decorated with streaming, lace, velvet balls, etc., which increases the fun and aesthetics of underwear.

Style selection

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There are many styles of thong pajamas, from soft and cute to sexy enchanting.When choosing, you should consider your personal temperament and body type, and choose the style that suits you.For example, thong pajamas can choose off -shoulder, back, hollowed out, etc., but consider whether your body is suitable for this style.

Fabric selection

The fabric must choose good quality and comfortable feel, such as cotton, silk, lace, mesh and other fabrics.Cotton fabric is breathable, suitable for wearing in summer, while silk fabric is bright and smooth, and it feels very comfortable; lace or mesh eyes can add fun and sexy effects.


The size of thong pajamas is usually classified according to height and weight.When buying, you must tailor your own size and try to avoid buying too large or too small size.It is easy to lose sexy effects, and the small will restrain breathing and physical activity, affecting the wearing experience.

Way of wear

Pay attention to the method when wearing thong pajamas to avoid improper wear.First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the size is appropriate. After putting it on, you feel comfortable and natural.Secondly, pay attention to the overall matching. You can match sex products such as high heels, stockings, gloves, eye masks, etc., so that the entire dressing effect is more perfect.Finally, pay attention to timing and occasions, do not wear thong pajamas on unsuitable occasions.


The maintenance method of thong pajamas is relatively simple, but it is very important.First, choose the correct cleaning method. Different materials require different cleaning methods.Second, we must follow the instructions on the washing label to avoid using the laundry solution and other items containing bleaching agents.Third, if you are not worn in a season, you must keep it in place to avoid direct exposure of sunlight and humid weather.

Plus Bustiers & Corsets

Recommended with

Through pants pajamas can be paired with many different sex products, such as eye masks, gloves, stockings, high heels, etc., which can be matched according to different situations and needs.In addition, you can also match them according to different styles, such as noble and elegant stockings and thong pajamas, or playful and cute lace stockings and thong pajamas.

Suitable crowd

The object of thong pajamas is not limited to couples or married couples, and it is also suitable for mutual gifts between single women or girlfriends.For women who want to add sexy and sexy, you can choose this sexy underwear to enhance your charm.


Sexy thong pajamas are a very distinctive sexy underwear with unique design and excellent wear experience.However, when choosing and wear, you should pay attention to many factors to avoid buying the wrong size and the occasion of the wrong occasion.Only by choosing and wearing correctly can this sexy charm of this sexy underwear.