Sexy underwear small yellow text segment video video

Sexy underwear small yellow text segment video video

As a sexy and comfortable clothing, sexy underwear has been loved by many women.Nowadays, the video of the small Huangwen section is becoming more and more popular on the Internet, making people more deeply solve the affectionate underwear.Below, let’s take a look at the video of the little yellow text segment of the sexy underwear.

1. Pink underwear

At the beginning of the video, a young woman appeared in front of the camera. She wore a pink underwear to set off her perfect figure, which made people feel excited.

2. Black lace conjoined underwear

Then, a black lace conjoined underwear appeared in the picture. This underwear not only showed the sexy of women, but also cleverly covered small flaws in the belly and other parts.

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3. Blue hollow underwear

Next, a blue hollow underwear is displayed in front of us. This underwear is designed with pearls, lace and other elements to integrate sexy and elegance.

4. Black sexy vest underwear

After the camera switch, the beauty changed into a black sexy vest underwear. This underwear design is simple and comfortable, suitable for daily wear, showing women’s soft temperament.

5. Red silk and night skirt

There is also a red silk sleeping skirt in the video, elegant and gorgeous, and wearing it will make you feel like a princess.

6. Perspective lace dress

No surprise, this underwear has become a highlight of the video. It uses a perspective lace design to make the shape more charming. It is like wearing a lace skirt.

7. Black net cloth body jacket


The camera switch again, and the beauty also wore a black mesh cloth.Although this underwear seems simple, it actually has a lot of careful designs in the aspects of beads and lace.

8. Fruits Perspective bra set

This underwear is the gospel of large -cut MM. The frosted and perspective bras are exaggerated, sexy, and domineering. You can show your own sexy.

9. White gauze skirt connects underwear

When the video was over, a white gauze skirt and underwear appeared.This underwear is light and elegant, which is very suitable for summer wear, and its design is relatively simple, making you feel refreshing.

10. Overall evaluation

In general, the video of this little yellow text segment shows many different styles and designs of sexy underwear, allowing people to understand this clothing more deeply.However, in order to be more comfortable when wearing underwear, we should pay attention to the quality and comfort of the underwear. When you retreat, you can also match some sexy jackets outside, so that you will be more sexy and chic.