Sexy underwear tore up the picture true

Sexy underwear tore up the picture true

Sexy underwear tore up the picture true

As a representative of modern sex culture, sexy underwear has attracted more and more attention and love in recent years.And the tearing rule of sexy underwear has made many sexual love couples happy, and its true tear effect is even more loving.This article will analyze the relevant content of sexy underwear from multiple angles around this topic.

1. The response of sexy underwear tears

Some people may be disliked to tear up this gameplay in sexy underwear, and feel that destroying beautiful clothes is an irresponsible behavior.Others hold the opposite view. They think that the tearing of sexy underwear is a hearty enjoyment, which can stimulate the inner lust.No matter what the point of view we hold, I believe that everyone cannot deny the important role played in the process of sex in the process of sex.

Second, the choice of sexy underwear

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The tear effect of sexy underwear is very critical.A simple style and soft texture underwear are undoubtedly the most suitable choice.It is recommended to choose products such as sexy lingerie, lace sexy underwear or adult sex lingerie.In addition, for different figures and needs, you can also choose other types of sexy underwear according to your preference.

Third, the order of tearing

In order to achieve the best tearing effect, the order is also very important.If you are a wealing jacket or jumpsuit, it is recommended to tear the pants first, then cut the strap of the shirt, and then tear them down.For some decorations in sexy underwear, such as lace and ribbons, you can also tear or cut off to achieve better results.

Fourth, the scene of tearing

The tear of sexy underwear is a very exciting experience, but it is also very important to choose the right scene.A relaxed, happy little party or a romantic sexual dinner is undoubtedly the best choice.But getting rid of the home environment and going outdoors is also a good idea.In the woods or beaches, experience more intimate passion, which can make people tear up sexy underwear everywhere.

Five, tearing skills

It seems simple to tear the sexy underwear, just need to work hard.However, this is a very high process of technical requirements.If you want to make the tearing effect better, it is recommended that you try to tear some long and thin edges of clothes, so that the effect of tearing will be better.In addition, you can also try to hold your hands on your underwear tightly, and then tear it off hard.

6. The benefits of tearing

Tearing of sexy underwear can not only inspire passion, but also enhance the tacit understanding between the two.Two people can work together in the process of sex, and then taste the fruits of honor.The feeling of this common experience deepened the emotional connection between the two.In addition, this experience can relax and free between two people.


7. Cleaning after tearing

Although the torn process of sexy underwear is very exciting, it also needs to pay some efforts to clean up after the torn.It is recommended to use laundry essence and warm water for cleaning, but be careful not to use hot water, which may cause losses to fabrics and colors.During the washing process, you should also be careful that you must not be too hard to avoid damage to the fabric.

8. Be careful

Although erotic underwear tears helps to enhance the emotional connection between the two people, there is also potential risks.If you use unsuitable materials or you accidentally tear yourself or others, you may cause harm to yourself or others.Therefore, before tearing the sexy underwear, you must be careful to prepare to avoid accidents.


In general, tearing of sexy underwear is a hearty enjoyment, which can stimulate people’s inner desire.However, before this activity, we need to choose a proper torn object, scene and method, and cleanup work.In addition, carefulness is also very important to avoid any accidents.