Sexy underwear walking show screen watch online

Sexy underwear walking show screen watch online

Introduction to sexy underwear catwalk video

Interest underwear is a underwear with a good and sexy effect. It can not only improve the self -confidence of women, but also increase the fun of sex life.Therefore, many brands have begun to launch a variety of sexual erotic lingerie, and show these sexy underwear on major fashion weeks, exhibitions, and catwalks.The following will introduce some sexy underwear catwalk videos, and analyze the design, style, color matching, etc.

La Perla sexy underwear catwalk video

La Perla is an Italian brand that launched a lot of sexy sexy underwear, and it is also very visual when walking.La Perla’s sexy underwear is mainly black and red. It is made of silk and lace. The design is simple and bold, which is in line with European and American fashion styles.

Victoria’s Secret sexy underwear catwalk video

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Victoria’s Secret is a world -renowned underwear brand, and its catwalk video can be said to be one of the representatives of the sexy underwear catwalk video.Victoria’s Secret has exquisite sexy underwear design and high material. It has many innovative elements such as wings and jewelry.Its color matching is unique, and the bold use of various colors to incorporate popular elements, showing excellent visual effects.

Agent Provocateur sexy underwear catwalk video

Agent Provocateur is a British brand. Its sexy underwear style is mostly classic and romantic. It is a perfect combination of sexy and coquettishness. It is very suitable for pursuing elegant and beautiful women.Its brand’s catwalk video is also very exciting. There are many design elements. Most of them are pink and black as the main color, showing the feminine charm and self -confidence.

Calvin Klein sex underwear catwalk video

Calvin Klein is a American brand. Its sexy underwear design style is simple, bold, simple but not simple, giving people a visual impact.Its brand catwalk videos are mainly white, black, gray and other tones. It is made of high -quality cotton and silk, highlighting the inner high -quality texture.

Vivienne westwood sexy underwear catwalk video

Vivienne Westwood is a famous British designer. Its brand is mainly classic, elegant, and gorgeous.Vivienne Westwood’s sexy underwear can perfectly reflect the combination of beautiful and sexy.Its erotic underwear catwalk video is full of lens. It uses music image and stage setting to bring the audience a wonderful sensory experience.

Please State sex underwear catwalk video

Pleasure State, founded in Australia, is a brand new sexy underwear brand. Its main products are sexy underwear in various situations and have a visual impact.Its erotic underwear adopts many innovative designs, which are bright and bold, which fully reflects the brand concept of "strange beauty".


Agent Provocateur and Pleasure State Video Comparison

After watching the two brand catwalk videos, we can find that the sexy underwear style of different brands is very different, representing different women’s aesthetic pursuit.Agent Provocateur is more bold, spicy, and more unrestrained, while the Pleasure State is Kawaii, which is full of fun.You can choose according to your own degree of love.

Fashion elements of sexy underwear catwalk videos

The sexy underwear catwalk video is not only a platform for displaying brand underwear, but also the distribution of fashion elements.The elements, colors, and styling aesthetics present can bring the audience’s visual enjoyment and catering to the trend of the times. It is an important way for women to wear and taste upgrades.


By watching the sexy underwear catwalk video, we can see the design, materials, and color matching of many big brands launched by the sexy underwear launched by many big brands are very exquisite and innovative.Their independent style and very different aesthetic concepts make people find sexy, elegant, and sweet different charm types from it.Therefore, we can boldly choose sexy underwear suitable for our style to show our unique beauty.