Sexy underwear wearing a novel

Sexy underwear wearing a novel

What is a milk clip?

The wearing a breast clip in the sexy underwear is a constrained milk sticker, which is usually made of leather or artificial leather. It can compress the nipples and areolas together, stimulate the sensitive area, and increase sexual pleasure.The size, shape and material of the wearing clip are different, and you can choose according to your personal preference.

Choose a milk clip that suits you

First of all, you must choose the right size according to your nipple size. Too large or too small to wear a rigid clip will not have the ideal results.Secondly, according to the comfort of the material, if you are sensitive to the leather, you can choose the breast clip of other materials.Finally, you need to choose a creamy custard that is easy to clean and maintain for long -term use.

Use the skills of wearing a milk clip

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When using a breast clip, you must first adjust the position of the breast clip to ensure that they are correctly covered on the nipples and areola.Then, you can gently pull the breast clip with your hands to make it more fitted with the skin, thereby enhancing the stimulus effect.When using a milk clip for a long time, pay attention to loosening and changing the position in a timely manner.

Danger of wearing a milk clip

Although wearing a breast clip can increase sexual pleasure, there may be danger for some people.If the nipples or areola are too sensitive, using a tip can cause pain or discomfort.In addition, if it is used for a long time or is too tight, it will also cause poor blood circulation and even harm breast tissue.Therefore, it must be moderate when using a milk clip, and pay attention to your physical health.

Wearing a milk clip can not replace the bra

Wearing a milk clip is a sexy underwear for increasing sexual pleasure, which cannot replace the bras that wears everyday.The main function of the bra is supporting, supporting breasts, and preventing its sagging, while wearing a milk clip just plays the role of coordinating nipples and areola, and do not wear too long.

Different styles of wearing a milk clip

There are many different styles of wearing a breast clip in the sexy underwear market, which have a variety of types such as restraint, decorative, and role -playing.Rest -type wearing a milk clip can make the nipples and areola more sensitive and increase the sense of irritation; and the decorative milk clip can play a decorative and sexy role.The role -playing wearing a milk clip is designed according to different plots and roles, allowing users to be immersed and increased a fun experience.

Wearing a breast clip and a fun experience

Wearing a milk clip is a kind of sexy underwear, which can inspire people’s sexual pleasure and increase stimuli.In the sexual experience, the use of breast clips is usually used in conjunction with other sex toys or sex products to create a more colorful experience.Before using sex underwear, the two sides must communicate full communication to ensure that both parties can be satisfied and enjoyed during the process of using sex toys.

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Interesting underwear, as a seasoning in intimate behavior, erotic underwear can not only increase the interaction and interest between husband and wife, but also increase the stickiness and feelings between husband and wife.However, whether it is sexy underwear or sex products, you must pay attention to your physical health when using it. Do not use it excessively.