Sexy underwear women’s dried crotch beads

Sexy underwear women's dried crotch beads

Sexy underwear female open crotch bead source

Interest underwear is a product that modern women are used to enhance sex and fun.The female open crotch bead is one of the once controversial designs. It is characterized by a row of small beads designed in the inside crotch part to achieve the effect of stimulating the sensitive area by rapid vibration.

Types of female opening beads

Female open crotch beads are currently divided into two basic types: manual and electric.The manual female open crotch bead needs to manually pull the bead, while the electric type requires a built -in battery or charger for charging, and uses the remote control or button.

How to use female open crotch beads

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The use of women’s crotch beads is relatively simple.Before use, you need to wash your hands as well as hygiene.Then, insert the female open crotch bead into the crotch of the underwear, and open the vibration mode by operating the remote control or button to start enjoying the stimulus.Wash it in time after use to maintain hygiene.

Applicable crowd of female opening beads

Women’s open crotch beads are suitable for women with certain experience and certain degree of freedom.At the same time, it is also suitable for couples or couples who want to try to increase sexual fun and fun.

Precautions for women’s open crotch beads

Pay attention to the use of women’s crotch beads: The following points:

Do not insert the female open beads into the body for a long time to prevent discomfort or damage;

Do not exercise violently or perform violent activities during use;

Pay attention to personal hygiene during use and avoid infection;

Do not use oily lubricant or massage oil, so as not to affect the service life of women’s crotch beads.

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The advantages and disadvantages of female opening beads

The advantage of female opening beads is that it can increase the interest and fun of sexual life, and at the same time can stimulate sensitive areas and increase sexual excitement.The disadvantage is that it requires a certain amount of skills and hygiene knowledge. If you use improper use, you will have discomfort, and it is also easy to affect women’s genital health.

The price and brand of female opening beads

The price of female opening beads is relatively pleasant. Common brands include condoms, Lamborghini, Takuyou and so on.The price is also relatively diverse, usually between dozens to hundreds of yuan.

Female open crotch beads crowd

Women’s open crotch beads are not suitable for the following groups:

Pregnant women or menstrual women;

Women who are suspected of suffering from gynecological diseases;

People under eighteen years old;

There are people who are discomfort or disease during use.

The future trend of female opening beads

With the development of social and scientific and technological, women’s opening beads are constantly innovating and upgrading.In the future, women’s open crotch beads may achieve more intelligent remote control and more advanced vibration models to meet women’s personalized and diverse needs.

The impact of female opening beads on sex life

As a kind of sexy underwear, female open crotch beads can bring rich sexual fun and fun experience.It can help women reach a higher orgasm in sexual life, and at the same time, they can also increase the taste and tacit understanding between husbands and wives or couples.However, pay attention to hygiene and use when using, so as not to cause damage to women’s bodies.

in conclusion

As a sexy underwear, women’s open crotch beads can bring sexual stimuli and fun to women.However, pay attention to hygiene and use when using, so as not to cause harm to physical health.In the future, women’s open crotch beads may also achieve more innovation and upgrades to meet women’s personalized needs.