Shu Qi’s early underwear sex underwear show

Shu Qi's early underwear sex underwear show

Shu Qi’s early underwear sex underwear show

Shu Qi is a representative actress of Hong Kong film industry and a underwear model, so her underwear sex lingerie show has attracted much attention.Let’s review Shu Qi’s early underwear show together to feel her sexy charm.

Fully display the s curve

Shu Qi has a perfect S curve, so she can always fully show her proud figure in the underwear sex underwear show.Tight -shaped underwear and hollowed out sexy underwear, no matter which one, can perfectly outline her figure curve.

Beautiful chiffon lace underwear

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Shu Qi wore a beautiful chiffon lace underwear in the underwear show, exuding a fresh atmosphere.The design of lace details makes her figure look more beautiful.This underwear is suitable for petite and exquisite women.

Deep V hollow design sexy underwear

The hollow design sexy underwear adds a mystery to Shu Qi’s figure.The deep V -neck design is coupled with a hollow pattern to make her sexy charm more attractive.This sexy underwear that is not afraid of exposure is suitable for women with tall figures.

Unique contrasting color matching

Shu Qi’s unique contrasting color matching in the underwear show often attracts a lot of attention.The contrasting design of Dahong and Rose Red makes her skin more rosy and shows healthy beauty.This high -saturation color is suitable for yellow skin tone.

Lace underwear with texture

Lace underwear is a very classic underwear in the underwear industry, and Shu Qi often shows this textured lace underwear on the underwear show.Gorgeous details and fine workmanship make this underwear better.

Long legs

Shu Qi’s legs are beautiful, so in the underwear show, she always shows long legs.The sexy underwear that is more suitable for long -legged long legs is a hip -with -fold design, which can better shape the leg lines.


Gorgeous bow underwear

Shu Qi wore a set of orange powder and appeared in the underwear show with a large number of bow -decorated underwear, which caused a lot of controversy.Some people think that this underwear is too vulgar, while others think this is a fresh design.This underwear is suitable for women who prefer individual style.

The charm of black color sex lingerie

Black color sex lingerie is one of the representative colors in the underwear world, and the black sex underwear displayed by Shu Qi is even more attractive.Black underwear is often reminiscent of mysterious and seductive atmosphere.Choose a suitable size to wear black and erotic underwear to make you show sexy charm.

The tenderness of the nude color sexy underwear

Nude color underwear often shows the tenderness and delicateness of women, as is it in Shu Qi’s underwear show.This underwear with golden decoration can add points to your sexy atmosphere.Choose nude underwear that is suitable for your skin color to show you the most beautiful side.


Shu Qi’s underwear and underwear show can show the sexy charm and beautiful figure of women.When choosing underwear, pay attention to selecting underwear suitable for your body and style.Whether you are sexy or fresh, you can find underwear that suits you.At the same time, don’t forget to choose a comfortable and fit underwear to make yourself more confident and beautiful.