Shy but want to buy sexy underwear

Shy but want to buy sexy underwear

Why shy?

Many women are a little shy about sexy underwear. This feeling is normal.In traditional concepts and culture, the function of women’s underwear is limited to keeping warm and covering private parts.And sexy underwear has a layer of "sexy" attributes, making it difficult for many women to accept.However, modern women pay attention to self -expression and sexual autonomy, and gradually begin to accept and love sexy lingerie.

Types of sex underwear

The types of sexy underwear are very rich, including but not limited to sexy bra, lace panties, sexual clothes, stockings camisole, etc.Each sexy underwear has its unique design and characteristics, suitable for different occasions and needs.It is important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

Falling underwear material

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The material of sexy underwear is usually softer, comfortable and sexy than ordinary underwear.Common materials include silk, lace, yarn, artificial leather, etc.It is best to choose a material with good comfort and breathability of sexy underwear, which can increase comfort and reduce discomfort.

Falling underwear style

There are many styles of sexy underwear, including classic, sweet models, sexy models, small fresh models, etc.Different styles are suitable for women of different styles.Trying different styles and styles of sexy underwear can make women find the most suitable style for them.

Size of sex underwear

The size of sexy underwear is usually different from ordinary underwear. You need to choose the appropriate size according to your body size.Choosing a suitable size of sexual underwear can enhance self -confidence and comfort.If you are not sure of your size, you can choose by consulting after -sales personnel or measuring your own size.

Set of sexy underwear

Sex underwear can be purchased on a single piece, or you can choose a suit.The set usually includes a number of different types of sexy underwear, which can meet different occasions and needs.If you do n’t know much about sexy underwear, you can try to buy a suit to learn about different types of sexy underwear.

Spring underwear price

The price of sexy underwear is usually higher than that of ordinary underwear, because its design and material are more sophisticated.However, the price is not the only criterion for measuring good or bad. It is especially important to choose the sexy underwear suitable for your own.You can choose brand, material, style, etc. to purchase according to your budget.

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Sex underwear occasion

Interest underwear is suitable for private occasions, such as dating, party, bed, and so on.However, not all occasions are suitable for wearing sexy underwear.If you are not sure if it is suitable for wearing on a certain occasion, it is best to investigate and judge in advance.

How to buy sexy underwear?

You can buy sexy underwear through offline stores or online platforms.The online platform has more choices and more convenient experiences, while offline stores have better services and experiences.Choosing the right purchase method and platform can allow yourself to get the best purchase experience.


Shy is normal, but don’t miss the opportunity to try and enjoy beautiful things because of shyness.Interest underwear is an interesting and confident thing, which allows women to show their charm and confidence better.Choose a suitable sex underwear and try bravely, which will bring yourself a different life experience.