Simple and self -made of sexy underwear

Simple and self -made of sexy underwear

What is the self -made underwear?

Interesting underwear self -made refers to the sexy, charming, and attractive underwear to meet the needs of themselves and partners.This self -made underwear has the characteristics of boldness, fashion, and personalization, which can reflect deep charm and confidence.Below we will introduce you to the steps and techniques of sexy underwear.

Choice material

To make sexy underwear, you must first choose the right material.The materials can be selected according to their needs and preferences, such as silk, lace, yarn, leather, and so on.These materials can be purchased on flower shops, sewing shops, and Internet.

Choice style

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The style of sexy underwear is different, and you can choose according to different occasions and needs.The main styles include corset, hanging sticks, T pants, and body clothes.According to your body and needs, choose your own suitable sexy lingerie style.

Design drawings

The design drawing of sexy underwear needs to be formulated according to its own shape and needs.First of all, it is necessary to customize and formulate the corresponding underwear drawings.Then cut underwear according to your actual situation to make your own underwear.

Make a corset

Corset is the most common style of sexy underwear and the most sexy underwear.It is best to use lace to make corsets, and use hand -sewing to make the corset more comfortable to fit the chest, showing the chest more sexy.

Make a hanging bars

Hanging stockings are an important part of sexy underwear, making the legs more slender and more attractive.The sling socks choose a soft and smooth stockings material, which is made with red and black strips, which can be elegant and sexy, and can also be personalized.

Make T pants

T pants are also an important style of sexy underwear, which can make the hips fuller and seductive.The material of T pants can be used with lace, mesh, etc., and it is best not to choose too thick materials. You can choose high -waisted styles, which is more sexy.


Make a conjoined jacket

Switching clothes are relatively high -end and noble styles in sexy underwear. Make -making clothes need to be done according to your body size.Made with lace or leather materials, with suitable accessories and high -heeled shoes, the effect is very charming.

Join your own creativity

Self -made sex underwear can not only make underwear that meets your needs and preferences, but also add your own creativity.You can add beads, ribbons, lace and other accessories to underwear to make the underwear more exquisite.


When making sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points.First of all, you must choose the materials carefully. The fine lines, soft and transparent silk or soft lace are better choices.Secondly, tailor -made and try to grasp the size.During the production process, you should be careful, and the wire of the silk should be used when sewing.Finally, keep the underwear hygiene and clean it in time.

The charm of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a kind of dress that makes women more sexy and charming and charming.It can improve the interest of love, increase sexual interests and interests between lover, and add more romantic and deeper emotional communication to each other.In the process of making sexy underwear, you can also taste beauty and honery skills to add fun to your life.