Simple erotic underwear production tutorial men

Simple erotic underwear production tutorial men

Purchase materials

The materials for making sexy underwear are mainly cups, needle wires, lace edges, underwear back buckles, shoulder straps, elastic mesh, loose straps, plastic skeleton, etc.

measure size

Before making sexy underwear, you must first measure your body size accurately.Including upper and lower busts, waist circumferences, etc., and the corresponding accessories such as cups, shoulder straps are made according to the size.

Design drawings

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According to the selected materials and measurement results, draw the design drawings of sexy underwear.Including underwear style, size, tailoring, etc.You can design it yourself, or you can learn from the existing design.


According to the design drawings, cut out the required fabrics.Pay attention when tailoring, the fabric needs to be close to the body, and do not leave too much room.

Sewing cup

Sewing the cut cups according to the design drawings.During the sewing process, pay attention to the flat and beautiful appearance of the sewing.You can use Z -shaped sewing method. This method can beautify the stitching and make the underwear more beautiful.

Processing lace edge

Tie the lace edge into the required shape and iron it as needed.Set the processed lace on the cup. You can use methods and other methods such as sutures and decorations to make the underwear more beautiful.

Processing back buckle and shoulder straps

Cut the back buckle and the length of the shoulder straps according to the design drawings.When sewing, pay attention to the strength and toughness of the back buckle and shoulder straps to ensure the stability of the underwear.

Teddies & Bodysuits

Sewing elastic mesh

The elastic mesh cloth is cut according to the design drawings, sewn to different parts of the underwear, and you can use the method of locking and flat locks.The elastic mesh can effectively improve the comfort and stability of the underwear and reduce the size of the underwear.

Processing plastic skeleton

Plastic skeleton is one of the very important accessories in sex underwear, and its role is to improve the stability and comfort of underwear.When making, the plastic skeleton needs to be cut and around the different parts of the underwear to achieve the corresponding support and shaping effect.

Overall combination

After completing the production of various parts, they combine it as a whole.Each part needs to be accurately opposed according to the design drawings, and the appropriate needle method is used together.This completes the production of sexy underwear.

In general, making sexy underwear requires certain professional knowledge and skills, but as long as you pay attention to details, coupled with patience and practice, you can easily complete a beautiful sexy underwear.