Sister wearing a sexy underwear to come to me

Sister wearing a sexy underwear to come to me

Scene description

Some people may feel a little strange when they hear this topic, but this is a real story.One night I was watching TV at home. Suddenly my phone rang. When I picked up the phone, I was surprised to find my sister. Her voice sounded a little excited and told me that she needed me now.

Seek help

My sister told me that she had just bought a sexy underwear, but she didn’t know how to wear it, and she was embarrassed to ask others.She trusted me very much, so she would come to me directly.In the face of this situation, I am very excited. This is the opportunity to show my professional knowledge.

Understand your sister’s figure

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In this case, first of all, I want to understand the size of my sister’s body and sexy underwear.Because sexy underwear is generally tight, the size is very important.Understanding her sister’s figure can ensure the comfort of the underwear and her appearance.

Understand love lingerie style

There are a variety of sexy lingerie styles, including bras, underwear and conjoined underwear, and so on.Which style is the sexy underwear bought by my sister?This is the information that I know to better provide my suggestion.

Provide wearing suggestions

When I learned about my sister’s figure and underwear style, I started to provide advice.I told my sister to wear the right underwear first, and then put on the bra.Adjust your shoulder straps to the most comfortable position, not too tight or too loose.Then she needs to wear panties to ensure that the underwear is not tight and not too loose.Finally, put on the conjoined underwear.

Attention to detail

There are many details to pay attention to wearing sexy underwear.The most important one is comfort.Falling underwear is too tight or loose, it will make you feel very uncomfortable.In addition, pay attention to underwear materials and cleaning methods.These details are very important, which can make sexy underwear very comfortable while sexy.

Display of results

After providing suggestions, I also showed my sister how to wear sexy underwear correctly.My sister successfully wore sexy underwear under my guidance, and the effect was great!



Wearing sexy underwear may look very difficult, but as long as you understand your figure and type, you can wear it easily.Of course, showing the most beautiful results also requires both internal and external repairs, paying attention to self -regulation and external details.Fun underwear contains a lot of charm, but only under the correct operation can the most perfect results be played.

Point of view

As an expert in sexy underwear, I believe that every girl has the right to wear beautiful sexy underwear to show her unique charm.Wearing erotic underwear can not only make women more confident, but also enhance the sexual interest between couples.I hope my suggestions can help more women wear more sexy underwear.