SM sex lingerie series number

SM sex lingerie series number


Sexy underwear is an important part of modern women’s sexual life, while SM sex lingerie is a special type in sexy underwear.In the design of SM sex underwear, color leather and metal are often used to express sexy and special, which has been recognized by a certain degree of market recognition.

Fan Number P57

P57 is a typical SM sex lingerie series number. Its types are mainly handcuffs, handcuffs, collar, mouth plug, criminal whip, milk clip and urethral stick, etc., which can help SM enthusiasts or couples achieve high sexual fantasy andHappy experience.

Fan Number J88

Cut Out Cupless Harness Bodystocking – 7178

J88 is another popular SM sex lingerie series, mainly including masks, hand -restraint bands, restraint ropes, and various shackles.This sexy lingerie series design is more complicated and more unrestrained. It is the best choice for those who want to explore the limits of sex.

Fan Number Y99

Y99 has a very special status in the SM sex underwear series, which is characterized by a material called coating silicone that can shape underwear shapes with toughness and flexibility.need.

Fan Number L66

The L66 is a simple design SM sex underwear number. It is often presented with black and purple colors. Most of its styles use rivets and metal lower plackets, which can create a high cold and mysterious feeling.

Fan number Q22

Q22 is a high -end atmospheric SM sex underwear series. It uses Italian imported ceramic materials. After careful carving, it makes it look extra exquisite and elegant, and thus becomes one of the popular styles chased by sexy underwear enthusiasts.

Fan Number T85

The T85 is a classic version of the SM sex lingerie series code number, which mainly includes more novel designs such as dog cages, gloves, and magazines.More delicate and extreme taste experience.

Curvy Plus

Fan Number U45

U45 is a thick SM sex lingerie series number, and it is also very unique in its modeling design. It often uses thick and heavy -duty leather brand business cards, and is equipped with beautiful chain accessories to shape a oneA strong sexy underwear image.

Fan Number H92

H92 is a color gradient SM sex underwear series code number. Its color is mainly intertwined from pink and blue. It is very soft, warm, and romantic. It can maximize female sexual desire and meet their sexual needs.

Fan F33

F33 is a SM sex underwear series code that is suitable for couples, which mainly include sexy bodybuilding clothes, silk sling, lace gloves and other accessories. This series of underwear is very close to real skin.Carnival is definitely more flavorful.


Although there are many types of SM sex underwear series, in general, the significance is common: creating a more intimate, unrestrained and sexy sex environment.Therefore, when choosing the right sexy underwear, you need to make appropriate choices according to factors such as your physical conditions, personality characteristics, and sexual needs, so as to get more satisfaction in sex.