Small top sexy underwear

Small top sexy underwear

Small top sexy underwear


As a new type of fashion trend, sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular among women.Among them, the sexy underwear of the short top top is a very popular style. It is suitable for both women with flat breasts and women with big breasts.However, how to correctly choose and wear this underwear still need to pay attention to some details.

suitable occasion

The sexy underwear of short tops is suitable for many different occasions.It can be worn as daily underwear or played in hot fun.At the same time, it can also be paired with a variety of different styles or pants to wear different feelings.

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Choose a size that suits you

The correct size is the key to choosing underwear.For the sexy underwear of short tops, it is recommended to choose a suitable size to ensure that the chest will not sag or spill.If the size is too large, it may cause the underwear to not support the chest, affecting the dressing effect.

Choose the right fabric

Good breathability and soft texture are very popular.For sexy underwear, it is especially necessary to choose fabrics with good breathability, elasticity and soft fabric in particular, so that the dressing comfort is higher, and it also has more intoxicating visual effects.

Consider style matching

There are many sexy lingerie styles of short tops, some of which are plane styles, and others are three -dimensional three -dimensional style.When choosing, choose according to your needs and match occasions.

How to match

The sexy underwear of short tops is suitable for multiple matching methods.You can choose high waist pants or short skirts, and sometimes you can even match a dress or puff.Showing the tight small waist and graceful figure can also make women more confident.

How to maintain


Underwear is easily worn and damaged, so pay special attention to cleaning and maintenance.It is recommended to wash it by hand to avoid using a dryer to maintain the shape and elasticity of the underwear. It must also protect the texture and color of the underwear fabric.

Unsuitable crowd

The sexy underwear of a short top may not be suitable for women with small breasts or larger breasts, nor is it suitable for people with too sensitive or too fragile skin.

Brand selection

There are many types of sexy underwear in the market, including domestic and foreign brands.Consumers can refer to various factors such as brand reputation, price and word -of -mouth evaluation when choosing.

Payment and after -sales service

Finally, consumers need to pay attention to payment methods and after -sales service when choosing sexy underwear.It is recommended to choose formal channels, such as online malls, professional and reputable sexy underwear brand physical stores.


The sexy underwear of a short top is a good choice, but you need to pay attention to some small details when choosing and wearing.For women, the underwear suitable for you is the best underwear. Only by choosing and wearing underwear correctly can you truly show your charming atmosphere.