Spring and Summer Fun Jie

Spring and Summer Fun Jie

Spring and Summer Fun Jie

In spring and summer, it is important to choose suitable sexy underwear.It is necessary to meet the needs of decoration and sexy, but also comfortable and breathable, so as to reduce the accumulation of sweat in high temperature weather.This article will introduce the most suitable sexy lingerie styles and materials in spring and summer.

1. Lace erotic underwear

Lace is an elegant and sexy material. Putting on lace sexy underwear will definitely make you more charming.In spring and summer, there are many choices for lace sexy underwear. Vecents, briefs, lace cups and other styles are suitable.When buying, pay attention to the soft and breathable fabric. Do not be too dense for lace, so as not to be too hot.

Second, silk sexy sheet

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Silk underwear is a kind of underwear with the highest comfort.Pay attention to the luster and touch of the silk fabric when buying, and whether the color is too heavy.It is recommended to choose a bright or light color series of silk sexy underwear, which can show a fresh and beautiful image.

Third, perspective sexy sheet

Perspective underwear is a weapon that shows the body curve, especially in summer, the waist and back lines of the props are better.Most of the materials of the underwear are air silk and mesh. When choosing, pay attention to the breathability and the lightness of the perspective. The bold design not only increases the heartbeat factors, but also more sexy.

Fourth, tulle sexy underwear

Tulle underwear is a very popular sexy underwear in spring and summer, beautiful tulle fabrics, light and breathable.On the other hand, the material of the tulle makes this kind of underwear more suitable for home clothes. The design of the silk texture and thin slit must make your other half shine.

Five, suspenders sexy underwear

Strait underwear is one of the more popular styles in spring and summer.Whether it is pajamas or decorative sexy underwear, the suspender has a good design.When buying, you pay special attention to the selection of the reflective and color difference of the material. The black is dark ink than the light color, and the red is more red than the dark color.The sling style can not only be sweet, but also has a trace of sexy atmosphere.

Six, belly to sexy underwear

Funny underwear is a super sexy underwear, which boldly shows your belly button and body curve.Use this sexy underwear with a strap, trousers or sling skirts to show your perfect figure; you can also use it with high -waisted clothing to show simple and sexy beauty.

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Seven, open shoulders sexy lingerie

Own shoulder underwear is another choice in spring and summer.Their design is exposed from the neck to the armpit, adding sexy, while showing your perfect curve.The color of underwear is recommended to choose dark or light colors to adapt to different occasions.

Eight, split sexy underwear

The design of split sex lingerie is unique, full of challenges in settings, and also double sexy.When buying, you must pay attention to the breathability of the material to maintain the breathability and refreshment of the skin.If you want to challenge the more difficult slit fancy, you can match half trousers or trousers according to the seasonal changes.

Viewpoint: Spring and summer seasons are the best time to show sexy and comfort.No matter what style of sexy underwear you like, you must pay attention to choosing soft and breathable fabrics, and consider transparent shadow, slit and perspective factors.At the same time, with the unified accessories, it makes it more sexy.