Stockings breasts big sexy underwear beauty

Stockings breasts big sexy underwear beauty

The temptation of the beauty of the lingerie beauty of the stockings

In all sexy underwear, stockings, big sexy underwear can be said to be the most tempting type.Put on them, the curve of the body is slender and beautiful, and the lines of the chest and buttocks are more attractive.

Style of stockings erotic underwear

Stockings sexy underwear is mainly divided into two types: meat color and black.Pork color stockings are a very gentle tone, which is more natural in terms of skin tone, while black stockings will make the body more attractive.

How do women with big breasts choose stockings and sexy underwear

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There are many different kinds of stockings sexy underwear suitable for women with large breasts, such as body underwear, short -sleeved underwear and suspended underwear.Choosing underwear suitable for your body is especially important.Try to choose the same style of bust and waist circumference, so as to better reflect the beauty of the body curve.

How to match other sex products

Stockings sexy underwear and high -heeled shoes, handcuffs, collars, eye masks and other sex products can also create a more tempting atmosphere.However, avoiding too much when matching, otherwise it will look too complicated.

Prepare in advance

If you want to experience the beauty of big and sexy underwear in stockings, it is best to prepare some necessary items and tools in advance, such as liquid foundation, paper towels, band -aids, glue, belt, and so on.These small tools can help you put on your stockings more comfortably.

The skills to put on stockings

It takes some skills to put on stockings.First of all, choose a size that suits you. Too small size will make your skin feel tight and breathable, and too large size will look bloated.Secondly, you can consider using a small clip at the ankle to fix the socks on the leg to avoid slipping.

How to maintain stockings and sexy underwear

Due to the special material of stockings, the stockings are particularly carefully maintained.Do not use a rough washing program when washing, it is best to wash it with hand -washing or special laundry bags.Be careful not to dry, you should dry naturally in the cool place.


Make -up skills with stockings in stockwear

In order to maximize the beauty of stockings, you can consider matching some makeup techniques.Choose eye makeup with suitable color depth and red lips will make you more confident and charm.Of course, different people can choose the makeup that suits them according to their hobbies.

How to buy stockings and sexy underwear

When you are preparing to choose stocking underwear, it is best to choose shops or brands with brand strength and reputation.Choose styles according to your body and preferences, and also consider whether the color and texture of clothing with your own match are coordinated.Choosing a suitable stockings erotic underwear is a kind of enjoyment and a protection.


Stockings, big sexy underwear is a kind of tempting clothing. It can show the female body curve beautifully and make women more attractive.Choosing stockings that are suitable for your body shape, careful maintenance, and reasonable matching makeup and sex products can allow us to better enjoy this beautiful feeling.