TAE sex underwear show 2019

TAE sex underwear show 2019

TAE sex underwear show 2019

Interest underwear has always been a symbol of sexy, mysterious and seductive.As the annual sex lingerie event, the TAE sex lingerie show has attracted the attention of many underwear brands and fashion enthusiasts.This article will introduce the highlights and brands of TAE sex underwear show 2019.

1. La Perla

The La Perla brand from Italy is one of the essential star brands on the TAE sex underwear show.It is highly sought after by European and American women. The design style is bold, sexy, and gorgeous. It is a "queen -level" brand in the underwear industry.In the 2019 TAE sex underwear show, La Perla launched a series of different styles of sexy underwear, including lace, Mary Dai good models, velvet models, exquisite embroidery, etc.

2. Aimer

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The Aimer brand from China is one of the local star brands on the TAE sex underwear show.Aimer is known for its simple, fashionable, and sexy. Its lace, silk, and comfortable cotton underwear style are loved by young women.In this year’s TAE sex underwear show, Aimer’s works have incorporated more and more scientific and technological elements, making underwear more fit and more comfortable.

3. Agent Provocateur

The Agent Provocateur brand from the United Kingdom is committed to creating high -quality and sexy sexy underwear, and has attracted more and more women’s attention.Its just right lace and complicated embroidery craftsmanship are unique. You can also see its latest series of underwear on the TAE sexy underwear show, including rigidity, soft, gorgeous and elegant style, showing the Agent Provocateur brand’s brand of the brand.Unique Style.

4. Victoria’s Secret

On the TAE sex underwear show, the Victoria’s Secret brand cannot be ignored.The brand is known for its high -quality materials, innovative design, supermodel figure and eye -catching stage effects.At this year’s TAE sex underwear show, Victoria’s Secret launched a more dynamic and creative sexy lingerie work, showing its innovative ability in the design of underwear.

5. Chateelle

The Chantelle brand comes from France. For a long time, we have focused on underwear design, pursuing perfect details and comfortable dressing feelings.In the TAE sex underwear show, the Chantelle brand shows the perfect slimming function, adds more visual effects to the design, showing a strong modern style.

6. Triumph

The Triumph brand from Germany has always been one of the leaders in the sex underwear industry, and its styles and quality are highly recognized.On the TAE sex lingerie show, TriMph launched more exquisite sexy underwear and added more printing and process elements to make the entire series more ingenious.


7. ravijour

The Ravijor brand is characterized by innovation and technology, focusing on the comfort and functionality of underwear.On the 2019 TAE sex lingerie show, the Ravijor brand showed a series of innovative sexy underwear, including various smart wearable products and innovative slimming design.

8. Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky is a US underwear brand and its main lace underwear.In this year’s TAE sex lingerie show, Hanky Panky launched more silk, gauze, and stripes of sexy underwear, and also added more color elements to make the brand more fashionable.

9. Wacoal

The WACOAL brand from Japan has always attached importance to the functionality and comfort of underwear, and its underwear is relatively stable.In the TAE sexy underwear show, Wacoal launched a more sexy style, while adding more printing and three -dimensional sexy underwear, becoming the representative of details and texture.

10. Scantilly

The Scantilly brand is a series of Curvy Kate, focusing on the underwear design of large breasts.On the TAE sexy underwear show, the Scantilla brand also launched a lot of exquisite and sexy sexy underwear, and pays attention to the comfort of the underwear and the effect of chest support, which perfectly captures the voice of large breasts.

In short, the TAE sex underwear show 2019 has left a deep impression.Each brand has different characteristics and unique design styles, but the ultimate goal is to make women more confident and sexy.I believe that these fashionable and sexy sexy underwear works can get more women’s attention and support.