Taiwan permanent sexy underwear early in Taiwan

Background introduction

As early as the opening of the market in Taiwan, permanent erotic underwear has risen in Taiwan.Because traditional white, beige bellybands or adjustment of underwear can no longer meet the needs of women, sexy underwear has emerged.

Material Introduction

Early permanent erotic underwear was mainly made of lace, velvet, yarn nets and other materials. The rapid manufacturing and low -cost chemical fiber fabric gradually became popular, but the texture and feel are not as traditional materials.

Style classification

Early sexy lingerie styles are mainly divided into three categories: lace models, net eye models, and bold tailoring.But at that time, the system classification of sexy underwear had not appeared, and women had rarely had the opportunity to try on sexy underwear.

Color selection

The color of the permanent sexy underwear was mainly black as the main choice, charming and sexy, attracting attention.In addition to black, there are dark red, dark red, deep purple and other colors, which aims to attract attention and meet the emotional needs of women.

Sales channel

Early sexy underwear sales channels are mainly concentrated in sex stores, direct sales of late night shows, and small department stores.Some fashion stores also began to introduce sexy underwear, but the number is small.


Early sexy underwear was mainly designed for married women, but with the rapid development of society, young women also started buying sexy underwear to meet their needs.

Transformation and innovation

With the advancement of the times, the style of sexy underwear has continued to change, the style has become richer and diverse, and the degree of fouls has also decreased significantly.

The trend of modern sex underwear

Modern sex lingerie tends to be younger and branded, and most of them are mail order and online sales. Special sexual preferences have become the trend of current sex underwear.

Permanent erotic underwear’s revelation of contemporary women

Although permanent sex lingerie meets the emotional needs of most women, but more importantly, it brings people to express their courage, can establish a healthier self -image consciousness for women, and have a more colorful life.


The birth and development of permanent sex underwear, which not only brings sexy to women, but also conveys positive faith in expressing, pursuing self, showing personality, and courage to challenge tradition.

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