Taiwan Topy Fun Underwear Walking Video

Taiwan Topy Fun Underwear Walking Video


Taiwan ’s annual collection of sexy underwear catwalks opened this year. The well -designed sexy styles and ingenious creativity made participants enjoy it.

High -quality underwear brands are emerging endlessly

The sexy underwear brands from Taiwan have participated in this catwalk, including internationally renowned, such as Rome, Victoria’s secrets, Avon, etc.

Fashion and sexy coexistence

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Interest underwear not only pays attention to sexy, but also allows fashion elements to join it.In this catwalk, the designer fully considered the beautiful curve of women and the fashionable color of fashion, creating many trendy sexy styles.

Creative Flash Show

In the creative flash show "Night Black Wind", he presented a unique visual experience for the participants.The models wearing black lace sexy underwear showed a sense of mystery.

Brand linkage marketing

This catwalk has attracted the cooperation of many underwear brands. Through the brand -linked marketing method, it presents more exquisite styles.This cooperation is also a beautiful manifestation of the cooperation between the underwear industry.

Public welfare operation

During the catwalk, the organizer also invited underwear designers as cancer survivors to share her life experience, inspiring everyone to maintain the courage of life and contributing to public welfare.

Fashion and culture

The catwalk also promoted the cultural characteristics of Taiwan. The style full of Taiwanese flavors and Taiwanese songs joined in it, more cultural connotation.


Audience interactive draw

In order to make the audience invest more in the catwalk event, the organizer specially set up the interactive lottery session. The audience had the opportunity to get the limited edition of sexy underwear and other exquisite gifts.

Look forward to the future

With the continuous improvement of people’s demand for sexy, fashion and comfort, the sexy underwear industry will also maintain a steady growth trend. Cross -border cooperation between brands and the Internet will be the future development trend.


This time, Taiwan’s collection of sexy underwear show not only brings visual enjoyment, but also fully demonstrates the diversification, brand cooperation and cultural connotation of the underwear industry.We believe that in the future, the sexy underwear industry will usher in a more prosperous development.