Take a bath first or change the sexy underwear first

Take a bath first or change the sexy underwear first

Take a bath or change the sexy underwear first?The key points you need to know

Wearing sexy sexy underwear is a way for many women to choose on the bed in order to enhance self -confidence and better manifestations.However, when you are preparing for your sexy moments, have you ever confused should you take a bath or change your sexy underwear first?This problem may be a little delicate and confusing.However, in fact, this problem is very easy to solve. We only need to list some key points to reach the conclusion.

Consider changing underwear time

The first thing to consider is the time you intend to wear sexy underwear.If you intend to enter the sexy model at night, then you should put on sexy underwear first, and then make any other preparation work.Because you need to determine the style you want to perform, and then arrange your time.The reason for this is that if you take a bath first, you may wet your sexy underwear, which will affect your plan.

Consider what kind of sexy underwear to wear

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Next, you need to consider which erotic underwear you plan to wear.If you choose a kind of tight underwear, then you should give priority to taking a bath.Because moist skin makes the underwear easier to wear and more comfortable.

If your underwear is lace

If you choose a kind of lace underwear, then you should give priority to putting on underwear.Because if you take a bath first, your skin may be wet, so that the lace may stick to your skin, which will make you uncomfortable.If you want to put on underwear before taking a bath, you can use some desiccants so that your underwear will not stick to your skin.

How to match sexy accessories

When you are choosing your sexy underwear, you may also choose some accessories to enhance your sexy charm.For example, stockings, style warm pants, and so on.These accessories should be put on after you put on sexy underwear.This is easier to match the perfect effect.

Skills to ensure dry underwear

If you want to ensure that your sexy underwear keeps dry all day or all night, you should give priority to taking a bath and then use some desiccants.In addition, you can also use some materials that make your underwear more breathable, such as cotton or hygroscopic material.

If you are on vacation

If you are on vacation and want to make your sexy underwear look better, then you should give priority to taking a bath.Because during vacation, the air is likely to be wet or humid. At this time, if you wear a humid sexy underwear on your body, it will cause discomfort.


How to wash sexy underwear

In addition to bathing or putting on and taking off clothing, you also need to know how to correctly wash your erotic underwear.Here are some useful tips:

Follow the underwear washing instructions

Wash the underwear instead of using a washing machine

Use cold water instead of hot water

Naturally drying instead of using a dryer

Use specialized cleaner instead of ordinary detergent

Consider your physical condition

Finally, you need to consider your physical condition.If you sweat or your skin is not too dry, then you should take a shower first so that the sexy underwear will not stick to your skin.Moreover, bathing can make your skin and physical condition more comfortable.

in conclusion:

Remember, when you choose to take a bath or wear a sexy underwear first, it is best to consider your situation and plan.There is no single answer.In all cases, make sure you dry and clean your underwear.After understanding these points, the process of wearing sexy underwear will become easier and happy.