Taobao erotic underwear can’t be put on the shelves

Taobao erotic underwear can't be put on the shelves


Recently, more and more Taobao stores have opened sexy underwear shops, and they have done very successfully in this field.However, some stores found that they could not successfully put the sexy underwear on Taobao.So why is Taobao’s fun underwear so difficult?

Cause Analysis

To answer this question, we need to know the two main questions that sex underwear exist when Taobao was put on the shelves.First of all, Taobao has some rules and restrictions to prevent adverse or illegal recommendations on the platform.Secondly, sexy underwear is regarded as obscene or bad things in some countries and regions, so the regulatory agency holds a negative point of view.


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When Taobao sells goods on its own platform, some rules must be observed.The most important rule is to prohibit the sale of obscene illegal and mandatory products, including sex products and pornographic products.In some cases, sexy underwear may be considered to violate these rules so that they cannot be launched on Taobao.

regional restriction

Interest underwear is prohibited or restricted in some countries and regions.If a Taobao merchant wants to sell sexy underwear in these areas, it may need to obtain a license from the local official department and can only sell related products under the conditions.In addition, because sexy underwear is considered a different product, they may be detained or confiscated in customs in some countries.

Solution 1: Comply with Taobao regulations

To successfully put the sexy underwear on Taobao, the merchant needs to comply with the requirements of the Taobao platform.This means that they cannot sell products involving pornographic or obscene content, and must respect other rules and policies of Taobao platforms, such as intellectual property protection and consumer privacy.

Solution 2: Legal operation

In addition to strictly abide by Taobao’s rules, merchants can use a legal and reasonable way to solve data problems.They can submit detailed information about sexy underwear, including materials, functions, design, size and brand.Merchants can also try to obtain accurate information about sexy underwear from official channels, and ensure that all the sexy lingerie they purchased meet the relevant standards of the area.

Solution 3: Cooperation platform sales

Merchants cannot consider selling on other cooperative platforms when selling sexy underwear on Taobao platform.On these platforms, businesses may be easier to put sexy underwear and gain trust among the platform managers and users.In this way, merchants can expand their scope and sales.

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Solution 4: Excellent product page

In order to successfully sell sexy underwear on Taobao, merchants must create effective product pages.All the information contained in the page should be accurate, detailed and attractive.Merchants can consider adding high -quality pictures to the page, and users can clearly see the design and function of sexy underwear.

Solution 5: Reasonable price strategy

A successful sales strategy must include reasonable price strategies.Merchants should pay effective prices to make the price attractive.At the same time, low pricing should not be too low to avoid damage to the brand value of sexy underwear.

Solution 6: Use social media

The use of social media is one of the ways to solve the problem of Taobao.Merchants can establish social media pages or join groups to introduce their brands, products and provide the latest promotional information to users.With the help of social media, merchants can sell their sexy underwear on other platforms and interact with their users.

Solution 7: Create brand value

Successful sales of sexy underwear on Taobao need to create brand value.Merchants should build their own brands and always strive to improve the quality and service level of products.If a merchant can build a good reputation and reputation in the market, their sexy underwear will be put on Taobao soon.

Solution 8: Seeking authoritative agency certification

The last method is that merchants can seek the recognition of certification agencies and obtain authoritative institutions certification.This can increase the credibility of the product and ensure that their sexy underwear is smoothly launched on the Taobao platform.Merchants can seek authoritative institutions, such as central quality supervision agencies or other leading authoritative certification agencies to certify.


Self -launching on Taobao is a challenging task for many businesses.However, there are many methods and techniques that can solve this problem. As long as the merchants provide effective and valuable information and services in accordance with the requirements of the platform and local regulations, and creating brand value and cooperation with each other, they can successfully put on Taobao’s sexy underwear.