Taobao open boxes of sexy underwear


Interest underwear is one of the essential items for many women. It can not only add more charm to itself, but also add freshness to couples.Under modern technology, more and more people choose to buy sexy underwear on Taobao, not only complete varieties, but also relatively cheap prices.However, when buying sexy underwear on Taobao, you still need to pay attention to some small details.

Step 1: Choose a credible seller

There are various sellers on Taobao. To get high -quality sexy underwear products, you need to choose a trusted seller.When choosing a seller, you can check the merchant’s credit level, evaluation and transaction records. You can also check the seller’s reputation information through Baidu search, Weibo, WeChat and other social platforms.

Step 2: Browse product details page

After choosing a trusted seller, carefully browse the product details page.In the details page, there will be detailed sizes, colors, fabrics and other information, and there will be real pictures and detailed descriptions of the product.Please carefully read the details of the product carefully, do not hurry to place an order if you just see the picture.At the same time, if you have any questions, you can consult through Taobao Wangwang or online customer service.

Step 3: Pay attention to product evaluation

Below the product details page, some buyers evaluate the product, and there are various opinions and feedback in the evaluation.When choosing a product, you can read the evaluation of buyers carefully, including whether the quality, color of the product are consistent with the real object, whether the size is normal, after -sales service, etc. This information will generate important reference value for your purchase.

Step 4: Pay attention to logistics information

After buying, you also need to pay attention to logistics information.For Taobao sellers, the logistics has taken an important role, and it is related to whether the product can be delivered to you in time.It is recommended to choose express logistics, you can check the logistics information on Taobao. Please communicate with the seller in time for the courier situation.

Step 5: Trial sexy underwear

After receiving the sexy underwear, it is best to try it on.Because the size of different sellers on Taobao is not consistent, the actual size of some underwear may not be in line with your body. It is recommended that you try it on to ensure the comfort and quality of the product.

Step 6: Pay attention to personal hygiene

Because sexy underwear is directly exposed to the skin, and the sexy underwear may contain some chemical components. If you do not pay attention to personal hygiene, you may cause harm to the body.Before use, it is recommended to wash and clean it with water, or disinfect it with special dry cleaner to ensure hygiene.

Step 7: Reasonable control of sexy underwear

Buy good sexy underwear to keep it well to avoid being affected by natural factors such as sun and rain, high temperature and humidity.At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure the isolation and storage of other clothing, and then storage after cooling and drying after cleaning to prevent the breeding of humidity and bacteria.

Step 8: Share your purchase experience

If you are satisfied with the sexy underwear you buy, you can also share your purchase experience with others.Through Taobao’s evaluation functions or social platforms such as Weibo and WeChat, you can share your own evaluation of the product’s experience, comfort, quality and other aspects for other people’s reference.


Through the above methods, we can buy satisfactory sexy underwear on Taobao.However, before buying, you must understand your body size, pay attention to hygiene, and protect products in order to make our shopping experience more comfortable and pleasant.

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