Taobao sex lingerie girl’s name Daquan

Taobao sex lingerie girl's name Daquan

Taobao sex lingerie girl’s name Daquan


There are many sexy underwear sold on Taobao, and the names of each brand are also diverse.The following will bring you the name of Taobao sex underwear girls, let you understand the stories behind these sexy underwear.

Beautiful Woman Love Underwear Goddess -Mo Yan

A native girl in Wuhu.Because of his self -confidence and distinctive personality, he was admitted and coincided with a gorgeous boss, and the AQC sex underwear brand was established.Mo Yan became the brand’s image spokesperson.

Sexy Lace Blindfold – 7681 – 7682 – 7686

Sex and Emotional Lingerie Goddess -Qi Xiang

She wants to be known as the most representative sexy model in China. There are countless countries she has reached. As a sexy model, her figure is also flawless.Her masterpiece is Swanbao’s sexy underwear advertisement, and almost every advertisement can make people crazy.

Sexual Emotional Emperor Lingerie Goddess -Yang Chenchen

Yang Chenchen is known as the hottest sexy underwear female model of Taobao. She has taken the sexy underwear advertisements of multiple brands. She looks beautiful, her body is hot, and she has a large number of fans.Her success is largely displayed by her own advantages.

Beauty sexy underwear goddess -Chen Chen

Chen Chen served as the spokesperson of many erotic underwear brands such as true love, magic artifacts, and Wen Duowu. He is the spokesperson of the sexy underwear brand and is also known as the "big guy" in the sex lingerie circle.Her endorsement propaganda is also the highest sales of sexy underwear on Taobao.

Sexual Emotional Lingerie Goddess -Wu Qinyang

Wu Qinyang is a well -known figure in the Taobao sex underwear circle. She used to be a model in college. After graduation, she established her own brand Luxrhist.At present, Wu Qinyang has more than 2 million fans on Taobao, and her Luxrhist brand market share is quite large.

Adult sexy underwear goddess -Zhang Fengting


Zhang Fengting is a big designer with a 10 -year experience of sexy underwear design. She once led a number of independent designs of many brands and repeatedly broke the rules of the design of sexy underwear.Representatives in "Influence underwear".

European and American sexy underwear goddess -Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski is a well -known American model and actor. He has endorsed many sexy lingerie brands and has won the first place in many sexy star lists.Her charm is not only her appearance, but also because of her thinking about gender characters, and has become a representative of the fashion circle.

Sexual Emotional Lingerie Goddess -Yi Nengjing

Yi Nengjing participated in the most popular reality show "I am a singer" and served as a spokesperson for many sexy lingerie brands. It was very influential in Taobao’s sexy underwear circle.She once designed a sexy underwear series by herself, which was well received.

Taobao sex underwear goddess -Yao Tong

Yao Tong is a sexy underwear seller on Taobao and a freelancer.She once launched a sexy underwear product, which exceeded one million in a few days.Since then, her goods have easily found a popularity in the Taobao sex underwear circle.


This is the name of the Taobao sex underwear goddess, and the sexy underwear of each brand has a cute spokesperson behind it.Their stories and pursuit of their respectives are beautiful. It is precisely because of their stories that the sexy underwear is particularly moving.