Taobao sex underwear method

Taobao sex underwear method

Taobao sex lingerie is now the preference for many couples and husbands, because these sexy underwear has various shapes and materials.So, what details do you need to pay attention to when using Taobao sex underwear?This article will provide you with some precautions and suggestions.

Precautions when selecting styles and sizes

When you buy sexy underwear, styles and sizes are very critical.Pay special attention to the size, because sexy underwear usually does not have standard size. It is recommended to choose sexy underwear with adjustable functions to ensure comfortable dressing.When choosing a style, consider your preferences and your partner, but make sure you are still within a comfortable range.

Material selection

Taobao sex underwear material choice is also very important.Try to choose high -quality materials as much as possible. This product usually contacts the skin directly, and should always keep the skin clean and hygienic during wearing.Some high -quality erotic underwear will also have antibacterial functions, which can strengthen the safety and hygiene of wearing.

Cleaning and care

After using the colorful lingerie, cleaning is also very important. It is recommended to clean it before and after wearing.Cleaning should use laundry solution or mild soapy water. Mixing some bleaching agents or stronger cleaners in it will destroy the materials and color of Taobao sex underwear.After cleaning, let it dry and put them in a dry place, so as not to let them directly contact the sun.

Suitable for sexy underwear on different occasions

The sexy underwear suitable for different occasions is also different.At the moment, romantic moments, more privacy and luxurious underwear are ideal choices.In a more hot and fierce case, you should choose underwear with good ventilation and fine -tuning functions.

Good way to wear

When wearing sexy underwear, pay attention to whether you are suitable for you and your partner.When wearing sexy underwear, it should be ensured that they are suitable for the body and do not cause any discomfort to the body.When wearing sexy underwear, you should relax your body and avoid tightness.In addition, you should experience the feeling of wearing sexy underwear as many as possible.

Important guidance before buying

Before buying Taobao sex underwear, it is best to investigate the comments on the market and understand the nature of underwear.In addition, the brand, price and nature of sexy underwear are properly compared and considered.

Appropriate price

The price of sexy underwear on Taobao is different, and the festivals and other factors will affect the price. It is recommended to choose according to its own needs.Price is not equal to quality, so do not just look at the price when buying, but also consider the materials and completion of underwear.

Funeral underwear the final purpose

The purpose of Taobao sex underwear is to increase the passion and interest of husband and wife.For husbands and wives, Taobao sex lingerie is not just a product, but also a prop to increase interest and happiness.When you use sexy underwear with your husband and wife, don’t forget this most important purpose.

in conclusion

The above is the details and suggestions that need attention when using Taobao sex underwear.Use Taobao sex underwear to make the right choice to ensure the comfort and safety and hygiene of wearing.Appropriate understanding of the nature and price of love underwear, and keeping your mind open when wearing, and the sexy underwear will add unlimited fun and endless passion to you and your partner.

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