Taobao sex underwear pictures cannot be posted

Because the style and content of the Taobao platform are different from other social media platforms, users will encounter some problems when posting pictures of sexy underwear on Taobao. For example, they cannot upload and send pictures. Generally, these problems can be solved through the following ways:

1. Check the Taobao client version

If you encounter problems that you cannot send sex underwear pictures, make sure your Taobao client version has been updated to the latest version.If your Taobao client version is too old, it will affect your ability to send erotic underwear pictures.By upgrading the Taobao client, you can solve the problem of sending erotic underwear pictures.

2. Check Taobao account permissions

Released erotic underwear pictures on Taobao social platforms are strictly limited, including account permissions.If your Taobao account level is not enough, it will cause you to be unable to upload and send erotic underwear pictures.You can solve this problem by improving the Taobao account level.

3. Check the network connection problem

If there is a problem with your network connection, it will also cause the pictures of sexy underwear to be unsuccessful.In this case, you can solve the problem of sending erotic underwear pictures by improving the network connection.You can choose to use a high-speed and stable Wi-Fi network connection or try to change the mobile network settings to ensure that the network connection is stable.

4. Upload pictures to Taobao Cloud Plate

Taobao social platforms stipulate that the sexy underwear sent by the sending must be reviewed by the Taobao cloud disk to send it to a friend or publish it.Therefore, you can upload the pictures you need to be uploaded to the Taobao cloud disk first, and wait for the review to send it to the real receiver.This method can avoid direct upload failure.

5. Do not use pictures such as infringement, pornography

On Taobao social platforms, bad pictures such as infringement and pornography are strictly prohibited, otherwise it will face serious punishment.Therefore, you need to pay attention when sending pictures of sexy underwear to ensure the selected picture content standard and health.

6. Consultation Taobao platform customer service

If you have tried the above methods but still cannot successfully send sexy underwear pictures, you can consult the Taobao platform customer service consultation solution.Taobao customer service provides timely, professional and personalized problems solutions to help you solve the problem of sending sexy underwear pictures.

7. Use other social media platforms

If your above methods cannot solve the problem, you can also consider using other social media platforms to send erotic underwear pictures, such as WeChat, QQ, etc. provide better picture sharing functions.

8. Conclusion

When sending Taobao sexy underwear pictures, you need to pay attention to the following points: update the Taobao client version, enhance the Taobao account level, ensure good network connection, upload pictures to Taobao cloud disk, do not use infringement, pornographic and other pictures, consult the Taobao platform customer serviceUse other social media platforms.As long as these methods are operated, you can easily solve the problem that the Taobao sex lingerie picture cannot be sent, and you can better enjoy the convenience and happiness brought by Taobao.

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