Taobao shop sexy underwear clean

Taobao shop sexy underwear clean

1 Introduction

Taobao shop sexy underwear is the new favorite of modern women. It can not only add charm to women, but also bring new fun.However, some women have concerns when buying Taobao shop sexy underwear. Some Taobao shops have poor sanitation, and the sexy underwear purchased is not clean.This article will introduce some issues that need to be paid attention to when buying Taobao shop sexy underwear.

2. Avoid the infectious disease of sexy underwear in Taobao store

Many Taobao shop sexy underwear has been tried through many people, so there is a certain risk of cross -infection, especially women’s private parts are more sensitive. It is recommended to clean and disinfect it after buying.

3. How to disinfect Taobao shop sex underwear

Compared with ordinary clothes, the Taobao shop sexy underwear we buy is more disinfected. You can consider using professional disinfection or boiling sex underwear for a few minutes to disinfect.However, it is not recommended to put the sexy underwear in the washing machine to disinfect it. The washing machine contains coatings and auxiliary agents, which is unreliable.

4. Choose a brand and quality Taobao shop sexy underwear

The brand and quality Taobao store sexy underwear pay more attention to quality problems and hygiene issues, so choosing these products will have a lot of unnecessary concerns.When choosing a product, pay attention to check the brand and quality.

5. Follow the material of Taobao store sexy underwear

Different materials of Taobao stores need to use different cleaning methods, so you need to confirm the material of the product before buying. There are different materials such as linen, lace, silk, etc. to choose from.At the same time, we must pay special attention to those who have severe fibrous allergies.

6. Selection of size

Taobao store’s sexy underwear must be suitable for figure. Pay attention to choosing a size suitable for you to ensure comfortable dressing and perfectly shape your figure.

7. Pay attention to the color selection of sexy underwear

The sexy lingerie of different colors of Taobao store has different effects on different people. It is best to consider it carefully when choosing a certain color. This will not only ensure the cleanliness of the product, but also more in line with your own personality taste.

8. Learn the Terms of Return before buying

When buying a Taobao shop sex underwear, don’t forget to check the refund clause first.If the size of the product is not suitable or does not meet expectations, you can first understand the specific policies and processes of the return and exchange to avoid future trouble and disputes.

9. It is recommended to choose a Taobao shop sexy underwear with labels with labels

Because the Taobao store’s sexy underwear is very special, you must pay attention to whether there are a label label when you buy it. This can ensure that we will not destroy the material of the clothing itself when cleaning the erotic underwear. At the same timeInstructions to ensure better, simple and convenient daily cleaning operations.

10. Conclusion

The quality of the sexy underwear of Taobao store is very important. After purchasing, it is necessary to do a good job of disinfection. It is recommended to choose a brand and quality assurance underwear. At the same time, pay attention to the correct size and color, and pay attention to the label of the washing instructions.Only in this way can you buy clean and worry -free sexy underwear to bring yourself more happiness and confidence.

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