Taobao’s latest sexy underwear model

Taobao’s latest sexy underwear model introduction

Taobao’s latest sexy underwear models are a group of sexy, attractive model sisters.They are towering, strong and powerful, slender, charming in the waist, delicate, fair skin, elegant temperament, and sexy.These model sisters can be competent for the display of various underwear, so that people can better understand the styles and effects of affectionate underwear.The following is to introduce their sexy underwear.

Falling underwear lace underwear

Lace erotic underwear is a classic style of sexy underwear.The fabric of this underwear is usually composed of lace and tulle.Lace decoration can be a simple lace or complex advanced lace.The color of lace underwear is generally black, white, red and other strong hue.The charm of this underwear style is material and design: exquisite lace embroidery, small bow and thoughtful details, showing the sexy charm of women.

Interesting underwear transparent underwear

Transparent sexy underwear is also a common style in sexy underwear.This underwear is usually made of thin and transparent materials, such as mesh, silk gauze, or soft linen gauze, etc., which can show women’s figure curves well and evoke men’s imagination.Most of the transparent underwear uses sleeveless or lower collar styles. Through transparent fabrics, women’s beautiful skin can be seen, which increases sexy charm.

Instence underwear belly pocket underwear underwear

The bellyband underwear is a traditional sexy underwear. It is buckled on the chest with cloth strips or lace materials, and there is no extension underneath.It can expose the abdomen or navel, full of sexy taste.Modern bellyband underwear has some improvements than traditional styles, which is more in line with people’s aesthetics.This underwear is usually used with pantyhose, high heels, etc., which is very suitable for dating or partying.

Falling underwear tights/leather jackets

Interest underwear tight clothes/leather clothes are a very popular appearance.This underwear style usually uses denim, leather and rubber materials. After fine cutting and treatment, it shows the perfect body curve of feminine charm.Leather underwear is usually black, blue and red, which is in line with fashion and sexy trends.Leather underwear is a bit wild and rebellious, which can make people show their charm freely.

Falling underwear restraint underwear

Resting underwear is a sexy underwear suitable for SM and other sex games.This underwear is usually made of a soft leather or coin linker.The style and color of the bondage of the underwear can be adjusted according to personal preference.The style of restraint underwear is different. It can be shoulder straps, sleeves or belts, etc., with rich layering and changes.This underwear plays a certain restraint in the process of sex games, so that people can fully enjoy the feeling of tightness.

Sex lingerie naked pajamas

Naked pajamas is a very different sexy underwear, which is usually made of transparent material.The color of this underwear is generally white, pink or light blue, revealing the gentle side of women.Naked pajamas are not only sexy, but also very comfortable and soft, making people fall asleep easily.Putting on naked pajamas to make the relationship between couples closer, it is a good way of experience.

Falling underwear Stakes

Stockings are a special sexy underwear, which can bring a sexy feeling to women.Stockings are usually made of high -elastic gauze or lace materials. You can wear stockings and high -heeled shoes to improve the sexy degree of the whole person.Hanging socks usually have greater elasticity, which can be well close to women’s bodies and show the perfect curve.The hanging strap also has a good warmth effect, and is one of the first choice for winter sex lingerie.

Instead of the chest ring underwear underwear underwear

Chest ring underwear is a unique sexy underwear, for enthusiastic sex games.This underwear is characterized by materials and design. Coins are often refined and can be selected according to personal preferences.The attributes of the chest ring underwear are mainly the function. By constraining wearing a person’s chest, it achieves a certain visual effect.Wearing chest ring underwear can increase the degree of stimulation of sex games and let people experience a new sense of sensory stimulation.

Sexy jackets of sexy underwear

Sexy -style clothes are a very stylish sexy underwear.This underwear style is usually produced by high -quality brand factories, and the material is usually soft cotton or elastic lace materials.Sexy jackets can be paired with suspenders, stockings, high heels, etc. Various styles and colors can be selected according to their preferences.Wearing sexy jackets, women can feel their beauty and sexy, show the sexiest side to their lover.


Taobao’s latest sexy underwear model shows a variety of sexy lingerie styles.Whether you want to wear underwear to participate in sex games or show your beautiful body, these sexy underwear can help you achieve your goals.Therefore, what style of sexy underwear do you want to wear, you can definitely find it on Taobao and experience it.

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