Tender Model Liu Jinxi Light Blue Instead Underwear

Tender Model Liu Jinxi Light Blue Instead Underwear

Liu Jinxi is a highly anticipated model. Her tall and tall curve is charming, her long hair fluttering, giving a gentle and clear feeling, but at the same time, she is full of unruly atmosphere.Liu Jinxi often put on a variety of erotic underwear to show her sexy and hot side. The most impressive of which is the light blue sexy underwear.

Color selection

As the color of the sexy underwear, light blue is very in line with Liu Jinxi’s impression, which can not only show her freshness, elegance, but also to reflect the sexy side elegantly.And light blue also has a soft feeling, which is very suitable for easy and warm occasions.

Strong design

The overall design of this set of sexy underwear is very strong, the cut is very fine, and the curve is slender, which can highlight Liu Jinxi’s figure advantage.And through the material, you can see the texture, which makes the underwear more textured. At the same time, there are small bows and purple lace decorations, creating a fresh and romantic atmosphere.

Unique material selection

The material of this underwear uses high -quality silk, with a smooth feel and soft texture. It not only can fit the skin comfortably, but also breathable, so that the body can breathe.High -quality materials such as silk also have excellent toughness and flashing effects, making people look more fashionable and noble.

Designs of the corset

The design of the corset on the light blue pornographic underwear is very reasonable, which can concentrate well and improve the shape and curve of the chest.At the same time, after fine processing and tailoring, the corset has a sense of design and aesthetics.There is a bow design on the front, adding such a small fresh atmosphere to the entire underwear.

Design of the butt pad

This set of sexy underwear is also designed with ass pads, which can supplement your body very cleverly to make you more confident.The material of the cushion is also very comfortable, and there is no foreign body sensation when wearing it.In terms of details, the edge of lace is also used to increase the unique taste of women.

Overall matching effect

This set of light blue pornographic underwear is very good, the color is harmonious, the lines are smooth, showing the aesthetics of women.The breath revealed by the entire underwear allows you to emit a blue temperament on your body, which is both tender and sexy.

Light blue meaning

Light blue represents pure, gentle and fresh.The design of this set of sexy underwear perfectly shows the light blue atmosphere, and reveals sexy, charming elegance and fun.Like light pink sexy underwear as a whole, it gives a feeling of fresh and cute and romantic garden, and is in line with the characteristics of contemporary Asian women pursuing nature, warmth, and romantic.

The secret to buy this color of sexy underwear

If you fell in love with this color of sexy underwear like Liu Jinxi, you can choose the corresponding blue according to your skin color and body shape when buying.At the same time, you can also choose according to usual dress occasions, such as partying, dating, etc., or you can wear this color sexy underwear at night.The most important thing is to buy some sexy and elegant underwear to reveal a distinctive beauty.

in conclusion

In short, Liu Jinxi’s light blue sexy underwear show us a romantic, fresh and sexy atmosphere.This set of sexy lingerie is very strong, but the overall looks very elegant.For women who love this color, buying such high -quality sexy underwear can not only enhance themselves, but also show the charm and elegance of women.

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