The address of Hong Kong sex lingerie store

The address of Hong Kong sex lingerie store

Hong Kong is a world -renowned shopping paradise. No matter where you are from, you can find a product that suits you here.In addition to the famous shopping malls and blocks, there are many sexy underwear stores in Hong Kong worth visiting.In this article, we will introduce the address of several recommended Hong Kong sexy underwear stores.

Love Piece Club

LOVE PIECE Club is a Hong Kong -based sexy underwear brand. Its underwear is designed for Asian women and is famous for its modern and sexy charm.In Hong Kong, Love Piece Club has been favored with its high -quality, comfort and excellent design.You can better understand the LOVE Piece Club product by visiting its stores in Causeway Bay.

The prelude

The Prelude, located in Causeway Bay, is another popular Hong Kong sexy underwear shop.It is known for its sexy, fashionable and personalized design.The Prelude mainly sells European brand sexy underwear, such as the famous French brand Aubade and Chantelle.When you come to The Prelude, you will feel a charming atmosphere and professional service.

Fred & ginger

Fred & Ginger is a brand with a history of more than 20 years. It mainly sells sexy underwear of high -end European brands.There are various styles in the store, from fashion to sexy, from suitable for daily wear to suitable for special occasions.Fred & Ginger has branches in many parts of Hong Kong, including Central, Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui.

Tequila Star

Tequila Star is a newer Hong Kong sexy underwear shop that combines fashion elements and sexy factors in design.Various styles and colors are very attractive, and the price is very affordable.The atmosphere and cheerful concert will make you feel at home.In addition, Tequila Star also sells other beauty products such as cosmetics and physical health products.


Ultraviolet is one of the most popular and most famous sexy underwear shopping in Hong Kong.The products in the store come from all over the world, including high -end brands from Japan, Europe and the United States.In addition, Ultraviolet also sells female underwear such as branches, underwear and suspenders.Whether you want to wear sexy fashion styles or simple and comfortable styles, you can find what you like in Ultraviolet.

La Perla

La Perla is a Italian erotic underwear brand, which is widely popular globally.La Perla has set up a number of stores in Hong Kong, including land and IFC malls.As soon as you go to the La Perla store, you can feel high -quality clothing and professional sales services.In addition, you can find various styles and color sexy underwear here.


Vera is a European sex underwear brand, which has a large fan group on the global network.In Hong Kong, you can find vera in many places, including Causeway Bay, Central and Tsim Sha Tsui.Vera’s underwear style has many styles, including sexy, gorgeous and beautiful.Regardless of your figure, Veera has a product that suits you.

My Private Stylist

My Private Stylist is a Hong Kong -based sexy underwear brand that provides professional and private customization services to meet the needs of different customers.You can book sexy underwear that is suitable for your body and style in the store.My Private Stylist is sold in stores and online stores. You can choose to read its product directory suitable for your shopping method.


In short, Hong Kong is a place that is very suitable for shopping, especially when you want to find various types of sexy underwear.The above -mentioned sexy underwear shops have their own advantages. You can choose the right store according to your needs.Whether you want to shop or browse, you will find a satisfactory experience in these sexy lingerie shops.

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