The child searched for adult sexy underwear

Children searched for adult sexy underwear?Teach you how to guide it correctly

It is normal for children to search and explore on the Internet, but when they searched inappropriate content, how should we be guided correctly as parents?This article will provide you with some correct guidance suggestions to help you handle the incident of a child’s sexy underwear.

Understanding things

First of all, communicate with your child and understand the situation.Ask the child’s search for the keywords and what they see.Do not deal with this problem with criticism, blame or punishment, which will only make children feel uncomfortable and accepted.

Distinguish between malicious content and legitimate content

According to the keywords and contents of the child’s search, malicious content and legitimate content are distinguished.If the child searches is only a vocabulary, and the guide website is true and legal, then it may be just a misunderstanding.However, if the content of the child searches contains yellow, violent or other bad information, it must take specific actions to solve the problem.

Psychological counseling

If your child searches inappropriate content, they may feel confused, scared, doubtful or embarrassed.In this case, you need to conduct psychological counseling so that they know that these contents are not natural, you need to treat critical way, and you need to trust the correct source of information.

Install a family filter

Home filter is a good choice that can help you protect your children and prevent them from seeing inappropriate content.Although it is not absolutely safe, it can filter out most of the inappropriate content.It is not difficult to install home filters. Many browsers provide this function and can usually be used for free.

Supervise your child online

Just as we supervise our children’s behavior when they leave home, it is equally important to supervise children’s behavior on the Internet.Let children know that their behavior on the Internet will be supervised, they should not hide their behavior, or go online alone without their parents or guardians.

How to educate children to filter information

There are too many information on the Internet, and many are false and misleading.Educate children how to filter information, treat the content they see critical, and find the source of really reliable information.Tell them, don’t trust any information confirmed in the future.

Try to avoid punishing children

If you take a punitive action, you will lose your child’s trust, which will make it more likely to hide their behavior.Since our goal is to allow children to better understand and master the correct information, we should conduct effective guidance without losing time, and let them know that exploring the Internet is very normal, only the correct method and skills are needed.

Utilize the "Problem Solution"

When guiding children, using the "problem solving method" may be a good way.This method is not only conducive to children’s understanding, but also help children to train the ability to find solutions.For example, asking children how I should stop such things from happening again and find solutions, which helps them understand that your eyes are not monitoring their behavior, but a way to help them.

Go to the Internet with children

Going to the Internet with children is also a good way to prevent them from searching for inappropriate content.Go to some websites that are attractive to children, you can explore with them and give them suggestions.At this time, do not get rid of the mouse in the hands of the child, let the child master the skills of surfing the Internet, and open your vision.

in conclusion

When we find the inappropriate information of the child, we do not have to panic or punish them. We only need to guide them correctly, so that they are good at using knowledge and a vigilant attitude towards the Internet.People, formulate family rules and regulations, do a good job of family supervision and guidance, and form a good family’s good network ethics aesthetic concept and lifestyle.

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