The development history of 100 years of women’s sexy lingerie

First exploring women’s sexy dress

Women’s erotic underwear originated in the end of the 19th century and began to originate in the European art world. It was originally designed as part of the artwork.However, over time, they gradually began to be regarded as a way of expression of spiritual and material happiness.Because people focus more on the beauty and sexy of women’s bodies, women’s sexy underwear has begun to get wider recognition, becoming a symbol of love and romance.

In the beginning of the 20th century, the sexy underwear design

At the beginning of the 20th century, women’s sexy underwear was very simple and simple in design.Many fashion women are still wearing traditional fluffy dress and loose underwear, without much attention to sexy and beauty.

Interesting underwear in the 1940s

In the 1940s, women’s erotic underwear began to show richer and diverse designs.The elegant satin, soft silk, and transparent lace began to be used as materials, combining lines with vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, making the design of sexy underwear more complex and fine.

In the early 1950s -the golden age of sexy underwear

In the early 1950s, sex underwear entered its golden age.At this time, tights and lace underwear began to become a fashion trend.At this time, a bras with skeleton were also born, which made the female chest more prominent.Interest underwear is no longer considered a lingerie, but a decoration that can show women’s body curves and charm.

1960s -Diversity of sexy underwear style

In the 1960s, the style of women’s erotic underwear became more diverse. From light tulle, translucent lace, suspender, and physical erotic underwear to tight bodies, many styles were produced.Many sexy underwear designers began to notice the personality needs of women in the design of sexy underwear, which also deeply changed the style and material of sexy underwear.

1970s -the color era of sexy underwear

The 1970s was the colorful era of women’s sexy underwear.More colors are used in the design of sexy underwear, making sexy underwear not only beautiful but also fashionable.At the same time, sexy underwear began to pay more attention to comfort and health, and materials and styles pay more attention to breathability and support.

1980s -Sexy underwear direction to high -quality development

In the 1980s, sexy underwear began to develop towards high quality.High -end silk, satin and selected velvet are widely used in the design of sexy underwear.Designers pay attention to details and exquisite decorations to create more comfortable and luxurious underwear.

Falling underwear since the 1990s

The 21st century women’s sexy underwear design is more extensive and diversified.In addition to traditional lace and silk, there are also innovative materials such as polyester fiber and microfiber.And now there are electrical underwear, sex chest and sex pajamas, which make the design of sex lingerie richer and diverse.

The status of sexy underwear in today’s society

Now, sexy underwear is not only a decoration, is considered a symbol of women’s beauty and sexy, but also widely used in modern life.Interest underwear has enhanced the social status of women, making women more confident and self -esteem.

Future of women’s sex lingerie

In the future, women’s sexy underwear will continue to pursue innovative and diversified design, and pay more attention to women’s actual needs and aesthetic needs.At the same time, sexy underwear will further develop in the direction of health and environmental protection, and materials and design pay more attention to comfort, breathability and safety.


The development history of women’s sex lingerie dates back to the end of the 19th century.Today’s sexy underwear is from the simplest and simplest design to the most complicated, diverse and personalized female fashion.From the perspective of which perspective, the development history of women’s sexy underwear is constantly breaking through and innovating, bringing more beauty and sexy to women, and making women more confident and proud.

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