The difference between cosplay and sexy underwear

The difference between cosplay and sexy underwear

1 Introduction

In this era of extreme attention and diversification, people are increasingly pursuing individuality and diversity, and various strange hobbies have emerged.Two special hobbies -COSPLAY and sexy underwear are liked and sought after by some young people.Although both hobbies are related to human desire, the essence is still very different.In this article, we will analyze the differences between these two hobbies from different perspectives.

2. cosplay: role -playing

Cosplay is the abbreviation of "Costume Play", which means transformed into a role.COSPLAY players imitate various virtual characters such as comics, animation, and games through makeup and dress. This is a pure way of entertainment expansion and displaying themselves.Cosplay is a kind of interest for many people, and it has become a phenomenon that turning itself into another role.

3. Sexy underwear: pave the way for sex

Interest underwear is mostly used for private occasions.In other words, sexy underwear is usually used as a sex toy between husband and wife.The style of sexy underwear, such as stockings, bras, underwear, etc., the materials are mostly transparent, lace, mesh, etc.Interests are not as interested and physical as cosplay.On the contrary, it is usually used to build emotional and sexual desire, and rarely associates with fancy or skills to show individuals.

4. Different way of wear

Cosplay requires players to fully imitate the wearing of virtual characters, such as clothing, shoes, cartoon accessories, etc.And sexy underwear only requires the stimulus that the husband and wife are wearing it.

5. The background meaning is different

COSPLAY can be said to be an emotional presentation. Players can show their own personality by imitating characters.And sexy underwear is to enhance the feelings of the relationship between husband and wife, happiness and sex.

6. Different properties

COSPLAY is a display. It is mainly through the players’ makeup, dressing and other means, so that people can feel the specific thoughts and emotions expressed by the characters played by the players.And sexy underwear is to enhance the feelings of the relationship between husband and wife, happiness and sex.

7. Different social nature

COSPLAY is mainly involved in the exhibition, animation theme activities, and fellow clubs. You can make like -minded friends through this event.In addition to the use of the husband and wife, the sexy underwear uses less in social occasions.

8. Different time and place you need

COSPLAY players need to make makeup, dress and performance at a specific time and place, and require more preparation time and venue. The difficulty and complexity can be imagined.And sexy underwear is relatively flexible, and the time and place you need can be freely selected and adjusted.

9. Different from emotional and spiritual needs

COSPLAY players can fully show their hobbies and spiritual emotions, so that players can be satisfied.And sexy underwear is a way and method to enhance the relationship between husband and wife, and a prelude to happiness and sex.

10. Conclusion

It can be seen that there are differences in cosplay and sexy underwear in many ways.Although both are biased, the differences in nature are very obvious.Therefore, we can understand these two hobbies from different perspectives, and in daily experience, we can choose and experience according to our own needs.Maybe we can put on the role of role -playing dress into the world of Cosplay, and we can also enjoy the emotion and sex happy brought by sexy underwear to couples.

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