The difference between underwear and sexy underwear

What is underwear?

Underwear, as the name suggests, is the clothing in the clothes.They are known for their comfort, lightness, support, and good health.The use of underwear is not only to protect privacy, but also to protect breasts, prevent drooping, and reduce friction.

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a clothing designed to add interest and excitement in sex.They usually use perspective or lace materials. The style and texture are more luxurious, pay more attention to visual effects and emotional feelings, and are sexy symbols.Interest underwear can make people have a sense of freshness and desire to explore, and it is an indispensable element in sexual life.

Differences in the purpose of use

The use of underwear is to protect your health, stabilize your body, and the appearance of smooth clothing, reducing the constraints and interference of the outer dressing.The use of sexy underwear is to increase interest in sexual life, thereby enhancing each other’s feelings and making sexual life more diverse and stimulating.

Follow the difference in point

In addition to the differences in the purpose of use, underwear and sexy underwear are also different in design.The design of the underwear focuses on functionality and comfort, including support, adjustment and shaping, and pay attention to the quality of materials and protect skin health.And sexy underwear focuses on visual effects, symbolic meaning, and attributes that arouse sexy and sexual desire.

Different from the occasion

Underwear is usually worn in the state of isolation and covered by clothes. In order to avoid exposure, the choice of design and fabrics is mainly low -key.The sexy underwear is different. They are wearing in special occasions, usually showing in private conditions, or wearing for specific purposes in sexy parties or role -playing.

Comparison material

The material of the underwear is usually cotton, polyester fiber, lace, elastic net and other materials to ensure comfort, breathability and sweat resistance.And sexy underwear usually uses silk, lace, plush, and smooth texture, focusing on the performance of visual effects and texture.

Comparison design style

The design style of underwear is usually simple, conservative, or pursuing functionality and comfort, focusing on the degree of lines and overall fit.And sexy underwear pursues stimulation and unique design styles, providing consumers with more choices, more creativity and multiple changes.

Customized needs

Underwear is usually sold in the established size and model. Customers only need to choose the appropriate size.And sexy underwear is more customized. The common situation is that the seller will customize the requirements of the sexy level, size, and material that the customer needs.

Price difference

Due to the differences in materials, design and production costs, the price of sexy underwear is usually more expensive than ordinary underwear, and the price is different based on different design and materials and other quality factors.

Similarity of applicability

Although the two seem to be huge, they actually have some of them in common.For example, the demand for "underwear" products is the same. They all hope that the underwear is stylish, comfortable, supported, and firm. Unlike sexy underwear, the demand for underwear is based on protection and health.

in conclusion

Underwear and sexy underwear are two very different costume categories. They have different uses, focus, design, materials, wear occasions, applicability, and price.However, the similarities between the two are the protection and enhancement of women’s physical and mental health.Because of this, when buying underwear or sexy underwear, we should make rational choices according to actual needs, pay attention to health and comfort, and avoid unnecessary consumption.

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