The feeling of sexy underwear was torn


Sex underwear is a very private clothing. Many people regard it as a sexy and tempting, or even a sexual tool.However, when the erotic underwear is torn, it may bring a completely different feeling. This article will explore the feeling of tearing of sexy underwear.

First experience

The first time I experienced the tear of sexy underwear, it usually surprised and excited.This very private and sensitive clothing is deprived, bringing a strong feeling and special experience.Especially in the specified field, the sexy underwear torn by lover may make people more excited and emotional.

Types of sex underwear

There are many types of sexy underwear, including lace underwear, naked underwear, chest stickers, sex pajamas, etc.Different erotic lingerie feels different.For example, the torn chest sticker brings a short and strong feeling, and the torn sex pajamas may make people feel interesting and intimate.


After the tears of sexy underwear are torn, it often causes people’s emotional reactions.This reaction varies from person to person. Some people may feel angry and dissatisfied, and some people may feel happy and enjoyable.Whatever reaction is a psychological response that can be processed and solved.

Sex tool

In addition to being a kind of clothing, sexy underwear can also be used as a sexual tool.When sexy underwear is torn, it may bring a new sensory experience and sexual pleasure.The sound and vibration of sexy underwear may increase pleasure during sex, making people feel more impulsive and passionate.

Effect on the body

When sexy underwear is torn, some small fiber and smooth fabrics may stay on the skin, causing the skin allergies or tingling.To avoid this situation, it is necessary to use high -quality and safe sexy underwear, and timely clean up the broken fragments and fibers.

Effect on relationships

If the tear of sexy underwear is to respect and consent with each other, then this experience may enhance the relationship between couples or partners and increase each other’s trust and intimacy.However, if the sexy underwear is forcibly torn or to tear it without obtaining the opponent’s permission, it may cause damage or even rupture of the relationship.

How to protect sexy sheets

In order to avoid errors from being torn unexpectedly, some measures can be taken to protect them.First, to maintain sexy underwear, wash and clean according to the instructions on the label to avoid excessive power or chemical cleaner.Secondly, before tearing the sexy underwear, discuss with the other party to ensure that both parties agree and satisfied.

How to deal with sexy underwear to be torn

If the erotic underwear is torn, don’t panic.You can consider re -production or repair sexy underwear, or send it to a professional washing service for repair.But if the sexy underwear is no longer repaired, you can choose to discard or continue to use it, and treat it as a memorial and memory.


The feeling of sexy underwear is torn by a private experience with passion and emotions.Whether it is good or bad, we need to face it with a positive attitude and conduct on the basis of mutual respect and consent.Sex underwear is part of our sex life. It can add color and fun to our sex, but it should not be the whole and replacement of our sex life.

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