The first time I met to get a messy shell

The first time I met to get a sexy underwear, it is worth trying

When you date someone, you want to impress the other person.An interesting way is to give sex underwear as a gift to TA.This may make you worry, but if you know how to choose, this will be a popular gift.Here are some information about how to choose sexy underwear.

Know her preference

First, consider her personal preference.What color and style she likes?What kind of material do she prefers?Knowing her taste is crucial, because sexy underwear is usually to make them feel comfortable and confident.

Choose a style suitable for her figure

Second, consider her figure.When choosing a sexy underwear, the most important thing is to ensure that the size is suitable.If it is too small, it will be tight on her, and if it is too big, she may think that you do not seriously choose a gift that suits her.If you are not sure of her size, it is best to choose a slightly loose style based on the principle of conservative.

Choose the right style

A successful gift requires both good -looking and comfortable aspects.You can choose G strings, suspenders, bras, pants or unique jackets.But be sure to remember that when buying, you need to choose according to her personal hobbies and figure.Make sure the style you choose is suitable for her, and she will like and be willing to wear it.

Consider suitable occasions

When buying underwear, you must not only consider her personal preferences and figures, but also need to consider specific occasions.For example, if your dating is a place with a strong emotional atmosphere, you need to choose some more sexy underwear styles.If you are ready to attend a party or dinner together, you may be more suitable for choosing some unique and stylish sexy underwear.

Avoid choosing too exposed styles

It must be remembered that the fun underwear style you choose should not be too exposed.After all, your relationship may still be in the early stages, and choosing the right style is the key.The underwear has a certain sexy element, but it should not make people feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.Therefore, moderate sexy is very important.

Quality is first

When you buy sexy underwear, you must choose a high -quality brand, such as Victoria’s secrets, Honey Birdette, etc.It is best not to sacrifice quality for cheapness.The price on the label should not be your only concern.Good erotic underwear is not only beautiful in appearance, but also very comfortable, so they will become the best choice when wearing.

Keep the mystery of gifts

It is important to maintain mystery and excitement when you give away sexy underwear.Don’t disclose too much in advance when giving gifts, maintain a certain sense of mystery and surprise, which will make the gift more meaningful.You can give her a gift to her in a strange or creative way, such as using a special package or a gift box with a small greeting card.

Be careful to buy bras

If you plan to buy a bra as a gift, you need to understand her bras and materials.There are many different types of bras to choose from, including full cups, half cups, shoulder straps and off -shoulder straps.Please remember when choosing, the bra should be comfortable and provide sufficient support.

Customization is a good choice

If you want to make this gift more special, then you can consider making a sexy underwear.Custom underwear can make her feel special, which is also a good way to show your care and consideration.You can ask the underwear designer and customize a gift based on your budget and her taste.

in conclusion

As a gift for the first meeting, sending love underwear needs to consider multiple aspects.You need to consider her personal taste, body, suitable occasion, suitable style, quality and other factors.Make sure your gifts are sexy enough, but don’t be too exposed and embarrassing.The most important thing is to consider her thoughts and feelings in the selection process.If you choose a gift correctly, you will surprise and happy.

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