The functions of various erotic underwear

Diversified sexy underwear is a highlight of the female fashion industry.Sexy, stable, confident, and enhance their sexual happiness.Different types of erotic underwear are tailored for different needs. The functions of several sexy underwear are introduced below.

1. Long -sleeved sexy underwear

Long -sleeved erotic underwear adds sexy elements while keeping warm.Women do not need to cover indifferent and cold skin because they are hot or cold.It is suitable for wearing under winter jackets or coats.In addition, the lace and hollow design of the sleeve part can make women more sexy.

2. Lace erotic underwear

Lace erotic underwear is an indispensable part of the fashion industry.The lace material is ventilated, so that the body can breathe and not feel oppressed.The tailoring and design of lace sexy underwear pays great attention to the perfect body of women, showing the perfect curve of women.Therefore, lace sexy underwear is the most suitable for night closes, marriage and celebration.

3. Shoulder -free sexy underwear

The shoulder -free erotic underwear is very flexible, allowing women to dare to challenge the wearing style.It provides more supportiveness than ordinary underwear and does not show a shoulder strap on some occasions.The shoulder -free erotic lingerie and suspender shirt, off -the -shoulder clothes, and clothes decorated with chest stickers are the best match.

4. Transparent erotic sheets

Transparent sexy underwear provides a way to dilute color and add sexy.It makes women feel lighter, and exposes some areas of women’s bodies, which increases sexy feeling.Transparent underwear is very suitable for wearing at night.

5. Sports sexy underwear

Sports erotic underwear is designed to take into account comfort and support.It provides women with sufficient support and cover area.It not only avoids the motion of the chest, but also eliminates the sweat smell wearing dull.Sports sexy underwear is very suitable for gym, jogging and other sports activities.

6. Steel circle sex underwear

Steel circle sex lingerie is very suitable for women with beautiful curves.It is curved into a curved and placed on the bottom of the chest by steel, providing the tendon support of the chest, making the chest look fuller.Steel circle erotic underwear is an upgraded version of the bra, which is very suitable for you who recommend it to yourself or those who want to pull up buttocks and breast enhancement.

7. Hanging neck sexy underwear

Hanging neck sex underwear is a unique underwear. It supports support by small brackets with shoulder pads and tapes, which reduces the burden on the muscles of the neck and shoulders.It is suitable for wearing at night or special occasions to make women more sexy and confident.

8. Gathering sexy underwear

Gathering erotic underwear can help women raise the neckline of the chest and make them look more perfect.The design of gathered bras is based on the structure of steel ring support and the lining cup, which can maximize and protect the breasts.

Conclusion: As a highlight of the female fashion industry, sexy underwear is tailor -made for different needs to help women maintain a good body, sexy, self -confidence, and enhancing their sexual happiness.

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