The heroine wears a beautiful drama with sexy underwear

The scene of the female lead wearing a sexy underwear in European and American TV series

In European and American TV series, you can often see the heroine wearing sexy sexy underwear on the screen.These plots are usually to increase the fun of the plot, regulate emotions, and highlight the charm of the heroine.Here are some typical plots and sexy lingerie styles wearing the heroine in the play.

The first type: trial and purchase before marriage

In some TV series, the heroine wants to surprise the fiance before the wedding, so she will wear a variety of sexy underwear of different styles and show it under the lens of the male photographer.Such a plot is both funny and full of sexy atmosphere, and can bring some unexpected surprises to the audience.

The second: the heroine wears sexy underwear to attract men

In some TV series, the heroine puts on sexy underwear in order to attract the men he likes.These scenes are often to highlight the charm of the heroine and increase the effect of the plot.The fun underwear of different styles also shows the various charm and temperament of the heroine, which impresses the audience.

The third type: Fun underwear as a foreplay prop prop

In some TV series with heavy crimes or themes, sexy underwear is often used as a foreplay prop.Although the circumstances are violent and bloody, this plot can also show the scene and special use of underwear.

The fourth type: the heroine wears sexy underwear to express self -confidence and independence

In some feminist or abuse plots, the heroine will wear sexy underwear to show a confident and independent personality.These scenes often show the heroine’s attitude towards his body and love, and also reflect the main purpose and ideological connotation of the plot.

Fifth type: The heroine mediates emotional disputes through wearing a fun underwear

In some romantic comedy or family emotional TV series, the heroine will relieve emotional disputes between herself and partners by wearing sexy sexy underwear.Such a plot shows the wisdom and wit of the heroine, and also increases the entertainment of the audience.

Sixth type: The heroine wears sexy underwear for dance performance

In some music or absurd comedy TV series, the heroine will wear sexy underwear for dance performances.These scenes are often funny and can bring joy and relaxed atmosphere to the audience.

Seventh type: Fun underwear is considered a symbol of farewell to single life

In some single Han or single women’s themes, sexy underwear is often regarded as a symbol of bidding farewell to single life, which is used to show the last indulgence and challenge before entering the marriage.Such scenes are full of drama effects and emotional conflicts, which can arouse the resonance and reflection of the audience.

Eighth: Help the heroine adjust the mood and reduce stress

In some plots with stronger work and living pressure, the heroine will wear sexy underwear to adjust her mood and reduce stress.Such a scene shows the important role of sexy underwear in women, and also shows the wisdom and ability of the heroine to deal with the pressure of life.

Ninth type: the suspense of sexy underwear in the plot

In some suspense and criminal TV series, sexy underwear is often used as suspense elements to increase the expectations and speculation of the audience.Such a scene not only shows the use and special role of sexy underwear, but also increases the complexity and underlying of the plot.

Tenth type: The commercial value of sexy underwear in TV series

The appearance of sexy underwear in TV series also has certain commercial value.The TV series has attracted a number of audiences with consumption capacity by showing various sexy lingerie of different styles.At the same time, sexy underwear brands can also increase brand awareness and sales through the promotion and promotion of TV series.


In short, in European and American TV series, the scene of the heroine wearing sexy underwear is full of various highlights and emotional elements.Different plot backgrounds and scenes are also distinctive.These scenarios not only show the charm and sexy of the heroine, but also highlight the special role of sexy underwear as women’s products, but also show some business and cultural value.

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