The latest large size sexy underwear three -piece set


In modern society, sexy underwear has become an important part of women’s pleasure.However, for large -size women, it is not easy to find a suitable sexy underwear.Therefore, we specially launched the latest three -piece large -size sex lingerie three -piece set to provide more beautiful and sexy choices for large size women.

What is the Three-Piece Set?

Three -piece lingerie of large -size sexy underwear is a underwear suit, including bra, underwear and hanging sticks.These underwear are designed and manufactured by large size women, making them feel confident and sexy when wearing sexy underwear.

The benefits of wearing the three-press set

Wearing large -size sexy underwear three -piece set has the following benefits:

Improve self -confidence: Wearing exquisite sexy underwear makes you feel more beautiful, more sexy, and confident.

Full of charm: In front of lover, the design of three sets of underwear can make you more charming and attractive.

Improve physical and mental health: Wearing underwear can improve the body’s posture and relieve some symptoms of discomfort.

Inspiration of eroticism: Interesting underwear can stimulate eroticism, increase sexual interest and pleasure.

The features of the Three-Piece Set

Three -piece lingerie three -piece set of large -size sexy underwear has the following characteristics:

Comfortable material: uses high -quality materials, soft, comfortable, breathable, and more comfortable to wear.

Exquisite design: The design of the three -piece set is exquisite, stylish, sexy, and very suitable for large size women.

It is not easy to fade: Underwear adopts advanced craftsmanship, not easy to fade, and maintains sexy and bright.

Easy to clean: Underwear is easy to clean, which is convenient for keeping underwear clean and hygienic.

How to chooose the right size?

When buying a large -size sexy underwear, you must choose a size suitable for you, otherwise it will cause uncomfortable wear, unknown or even damaging underwear.The following is how to measure the size:

Belt: Tailoring is too high at the nipple.Take breathing freely as the best state. When inhaling, the bust is as tight as possible, write down the size obtained, and remember to ensure that the amount is straight.

Belong: It is located at 2.5 cm under the chest. The widest part of the chest and abdomen with a tape can be used for one week.

Glores: Put your hands down, and naturally circulate the tape to the best part of the hips.

How to care for the Three-Piece Set?

To make the three -piece set of large -size sexy underwear more durable, the following maintenance work needs to be done:

Cleaning: Use a mild cleaner or a special underwear washing agent. It is better to wash it in hand. Do not use the washing machine.

Dry: To avoid direct sunlight after drying underwear, so as not to cause fading or deformation.

Storage: Underwear should be stored independently, stacked and placed in a flat point to avoid squeezing pollution.


In short, wearing a large -size sexy underwear three -piece set can not only increase self -confidence and charm, but also maintain physical and mental health and increase eroticism.Choosing a size that suits you and do well in maintenance can make underwear more durable and lasting.

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