The most savvy couple sexy underwear and underwear

Introduction: Interesting underwear adds a sense of romantic to couple life

Interest underwear has become one of the essential products in modern couple’s life.It not only makes the sex life between husband and wife more passionate and romantic, but also one of the good ways to enhance the relationship between husband and wife.Among the many erotic lingerie styles, the following is the most savvy husband and wife sexy underwear.

1.Oopen Cup underwear

Open CUP underwear is usually called open underwear. It is a sexy underwear without a cup.This design makes women’s breasts exposed, adding more stimuli to sex.Open CUP underwear has many styles, including rope, beads or fluorescent materials, and so on.They all have a common feature, that is, completely or partially covering the nipples, but exposing the breasts outside.

2.?Crotchless underwear

This kind of underwear is also a creative sexy underwear.Where the conventional underwear is, there is no fabric on the crotch of CrottChless underwear, but hollow.At first glance, it may be uncomfortable, but in fact, this underwear is very comfortable to wear, and it can enhance the sex experience without taking off.

3. Bra and panty set

This is the most common sexy lingerie style.It includes a cup of underwear and a pair of underwear, usually made of lace and lace materials.This underwear feels very sexy and is very suitable for wearing on Valentine’s Day or important dating night.

4.?Body Stocking

Body Stocking is a tight jacket.It can be wrapped in it to form a "second layer of skin" effect.This underwear can feel very comfortable and sexy, and easy to wear and take off.It is suitable for women of various body types, which can perfectly fit the body lines and make the body more charming.


Bodysuit is a kind of underwear wrapped in the whole body, which is characterized by highlighting women’s curves and body lines.Because it is more exposed, women who wear it will become more confident and full of temptation.In addition, bodysuit can also play some body -shaping role, making the body look slimmer.


Corset is a kind of tight corset that is usually used to adjust the body lines and shape the perfect curve.It can fix women’s waist to a certain position and pull the chest upward, thereby forming a very perfect figure.Putting on the beautiful CORSET, women will feel more fit and vibrant.

7. Garter Belt

Garter Belt is a belt on pantyhose.It is connected to pantyhose and is usually used to decorate sexy underwear on the waist or hip.Garter Belt’s visual effect is great, which can bring the ultimate temptation.In addition, Garter Belt can also be used to adjust the height and fixed position of sexy underwear.

8. Bustier

Bustier is a kind of tight -fitting top with a cup without cutting, usually made of lace, satin and silk materials.Its effect is very significant, which can wrap women’s upper body and highlight the lines.After wearing Bustier, women will appear more perfect and seductive.

in conclusion:

There are many kinds of sexy lingerie underwear, from Open Cup underwear and Crottchless underwear to BUSTIER and Corset. Each sexy underwear has its own particular charm and sexy.In order to make the sexual life between husband and wife more diverse and stimulating, you may wish to try some such sexy underwear. I believe that these sexy underwear will bring you different experiences and surprises.

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