The role of sexy underwear beads

What is sexy underwear beads?

Interest underwear beads, also known as massage beads, are small spherical items embedded in underwear or exposed decorations. They are usually made of silicone, ABS plastic and other materials.The size and shape of the beads are different, but in most cases, they are spherical, with diameter between 1 and 2 cm.

What is the role of the little bead?

Generally speaking, the little beads of sexy underwear have the following functions:

1. Increase the sense of stimulation

The original intention of the design of sex underwear is to increase the sense of sexual stimulation, and the small beads on the underwear can make the whole process more irritating and comfortable.The raised of the little bead can stimulate the sensitive area of the private parts, and then let the body feel more pleasure.

2. Rich sex toys

The little beads on the underwear make ordinary sex toys more challenging and irritating.For couples who are pursuing orgasm and excitement, they usually add some sex toys. The diverse underwear beads that have diverse nature can enhance the functions of these toys and make the sex life process more abundant.

3. Beautify the appearance of underwear

As a decoration, the design of the little bead can add more fashion elements and changes to the underwear.The shapes of small beads are different, and they can be customized according to specific needs, and these small beads can also exert their different colors and material characteristics, making sexy underwear more obvious visually.

4. Enhance exercise performance

An important role of sexy underwear beads is to enhance sports performance.Sports underwear usually requires fast drying, breathability and other characteristics, and also needs to strengthen off -the -spot balance. Adding enough small beads can play a balanced role and make it more free during exercise.

How to use the little beads?

The method of using sexy underwear beads is usually relatively simple. Users can place it at any time according to their own needs. You can put it in the underwear directly with the underwear.Wearing it outside depends on the user’s preferences.

How to maintain the little beads?

Maintaining sexy underwear beads correctly can make it more durable and use for a long time.The following is the basic maintenance method of small beads:

1. Regular cleanup

It is necessary to clean up the beads frequently. Wipe it directly with a wet cloth or rinse water.The erosion of dirt and dust will cause the small beads to lose its original luster and color, and it will also affect its purity and cleanliness.

2. Prevent collision

Small beads are usually relatively fragile. During use, you need to pay attention to avoid collisions and falls, and to avoid the small beads that are directly scratched on the underwear to avoid impact on its quality.

3. Prevent sunlight from exposed to sunlight

Direct sunlight will make the beads more fragile and lose the original color and elasticity. Therefore, you need to put underwear in a ventilated and dry place to avoid direct sunlight.

Is the little bead suitable for everyone?

Although the use of sexy underwear beads is wonderful and traditional, not everyone can adapt to such underwear.For some people who are too sensitive and sensitive to private parts, the friction of the little beads may cause discomfort and even cause problems such as allergies.Therefore, before using sexy underwear, understand your own health, seek advice from professional doctors, and judge whether underwear is suitable for your physical condition.

in conclusion

There are many advantages and use methods for sexy underwear beads. Correct use and maintenance of small beads can make it more durable, beautiful, and increase more stimulus.Although Xiaozhu is not suitable for all people, its use can still make the sexy underwear more exciting and interesting.

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