The sexy lingerie of the most sophisticated boyfriend

The sexy lingerie of the most sophisticated boyfriend

1. Open back design

The fun underwear design can bring out the classic temperament of women. The elegant silk or lace material makes people imagine no limit.At the same time, it has comfortable and good breathability, which makes you more relaxed to wear it without losing the charm.

2. Lace hollow

Lace embroidery and hollow design are one of the classic elements of sexy underwear.Adding geometric patterns and deliberate patterns to a suitable location increases sexy, but does not seem too exposed.

3. High waist pants

High -waisted underwear can extend the length of the legs to the maximum and strengthen the beauty of women’s body lines.Black, white and red are the three most classic colors, which are not only attractive, but also full of elegance and noble sense.

4. Lace bra

The design of lace bra makes the breasts more upright, which is not only in line with the aesthetics of contemporary women, but also meets the preferences of men.Putting the lace is interesting together, it looks very entered, and is loved by young women.

5. Diamond decoration

With the appropriate rhinestone style, it can not only increase the temperament and charming of women, but also add color to ordinary underwear.It is best to choose high -end glass crystal or woodpecker diamonds. These valuable decorations can bring a better visual experience.

6. Shoulder strap

Shoulder underwear is one of the weapons for women to make men’s heart movement. Through exquisite craftsmanship and novel design details, women are full of charming and charm.Compared with the multi -shoulder strap in the 嗦, the shoulder straps are more bold and more coupled and sexy.

7. Laced trousers

Lace triangle underwear is usually one of the favorite of women’s sexy underwear. The noodles and backs of this underwear often use hollow lace, which is more sexy.Skin color and black are the most common choices. Other colors can also be selected. More choices and freedom make you exclusive and unique.

8. Transparent cup underwear

Transparent cup underwear is a dream of female breasts.Different yarns and materials can bring different touch and texture.With irregular lace, quiet color tone and smooth style, even wearing such sexy underwear can perfectly confess and emit a more striking breath and futuristic.

9. Stockings suit

Stockings set is a higher level of sexy underwear.The color should be matched with the details. The best choice is black, blue, and light -colored exposed mesh. The fabric can be stretched, making the legs look longer and sexy.

10. Fish -tail design

The fishtail design is also a classic sexy underwear design, making women’s body lines smoother, exuding a natural and sexy temperament, and the outline can be clearer, even in many erotic underwear, it can stand out.

In short, sexy underwear has become an indispensable part of women’s lives. The most way -to -boyfriend’s way is not a specific type, but to choose underwear containing emotional elements based on personal temperament, makeup and status.Put on your own sexy underwear and let you and your boyfriend have a better night.

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